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The Louisiana College Department of Health & Exercise Science (HES) is one of the largest department on campus, offering students a variety of majors along with the personal instruction associated with Louisiana College.

Degree Programs

Students choosing to study in the Department of Health & Exercise Science have several career paths to consider when selecting a major. Majors and degrees offered within the Department include: B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Clinical/Wellness, B.A., in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports and Wellness, Health and Physical Education with teacher certification, Adapted Physical Education with teacher certification.

Professional Opportunities

Placing students in professional settings where they may learn specifics of their field is an important aspect of the HES curriculum. All majors complete an internship designed to help them competitively enter the job market and/or pursue graduate studies in a health and exercise science related field. Students selecting majors with teacher certification complete student teaching semesters in local schools.

Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular learning organizations on campus. The Health & Exercise Science Majors Club is open to all majors within the Department.

Students and Alumni

Any program of study is best represented by its alumni. Dr. Kristi Menear, class of 1993, is an excellent example of that. She is an assistant professor of Physical Education Pedagogy and Adapted Physical Education at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Graduate School.

For more information about the LC Department of Health & Exercise Science, contact:

By phone....318.487.7350
By email....
In person....H.O. West Fieldhouse, LC campus

Department Information

Studying Health & Exercise Science at Louisiana College

Athletic Training Program

Faculty of Instruction

Alumni Testimonials

"The athletic training degree that I earned at LC afforded me theopportunity to help other athletes and gain a unique perspective outside of the one that most strength coaches have. This allows me to be more marketable and versatile in my current job."

- Natosha Gottlieb, MS, CSCS, USAW B.A. Athletic Training, 2013 Current, Florida State University, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach


"Louisiana College is a place where you will not only be prepared for your future through the core knowledge needed to thrive in your field, but also through life changing advice from amazing people that have already been where you are trying to go. LC made it possible for me to be doing what I do today. Thank you Louisiana College for equipping me with the knowledge and experiences needed to open my own business and do what I love to do every day."

-Andrew Shelton, 2009 B.A. Health & P.E. 2011 M.A.T. Owner, Cenla Baseball & Softball Academy