Counseling and Education Support Services | Louisiana College

Counseling and Education Support Services

Academic achievement can benefit from support services beyond the classroom. The College offers a number of services designed to aid students in adjusting to college, setting personal goals, achieving academic success, and fulfilling developmental needs.


Louisiana College Connection
The Louisiana College Connection provides an ongoing process of orientation to facilitate the adjustment of incoming freshmen. The program provides services to maximize student success in the total college experience and activities are designed to enhance the growth and development of students during their freshman year. Sessions held prior to registration focus on information concerning systems serving students in the academic realm, academic advising, and registration process.

All students who have completed 18 or fewer semester hours must register for CC100, Louisiana College Connection, during their first semester at Louisiana College. The course is taught by faculty members. Each faculty member is assisted by an upperclassman student. The classes are limited to 20 freshman students per session. This course familiarizes students with the College's expectations, aids them in individual assessment, and helps them develop skills for college success.

Personal problems, whether from within or beyond the College environment, sometime divert students from their educational goals. Under the guidance of the Dean of Students and the Director of Counseling and Commuter Relations, Student Development provides a setting in which students may discuss problems in confidence with a professional counselor. Students may consult a counselor regarding emotional difficulty, home conflict, marital discord, personal growth needs, academic ability, or a variety of other personal and social concerns. In counseling sessions, the emphasis is on exploring alternatives, providing insight, and evaluating new directions.

Both counselor and student agree to maintain the private nature of information shared by the student. This confidentiality is essential to an effective counseling relationship and is assured at Louisiana College. All counseling records are secured by the Counselor and may not be shared with other persons without the expressed approval of the student.

Sessions are usually scheduled for one hour. Interested students may call the Director of Counseling. Academic advising is a function of the Academic Affairs area and is not supervised by the Counseling Center.

For further information regarding counseling services call 318.487.7420.

Academic Tutorial Services
There are many opportunities for students to receive academic support. For individual assistance, one should first contact the course professor. Some departments provide tutorial labs and/or study sessions.

Additionally, limited individual tutorial services can be scheduled. For information, students should visit the Academic Resource Center which is located in the Warner Building between the cafeteria and Cottingham Dormitory.

Library Services
Louisiana College's Richard W. Norton Memorial Library contains hard-copy, electronic copy and access to a multitude of titles needed for research. With several stand-alone computer workstations and a large computer lab all currently enrolled students are encouraged to use the library's resources. Click here for additional information.

Disabilities Accommodations
Louisiana College does not discriminate on the basis of disabilities in the operation of its programs. Classrooms, residence halls, auditoriums, and other public facilities provide accessibility or alternate locations and services for persons with physical disabilities.

Following acceptance for admission, a student who has a physical and/or learning disability that qualifies under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and who desires modifications or accommodations should contact the director of the Program to Assist Student Success for information and guidance. This voluntary notification will be helpful in planning suitable accommodations and assuring satisfactory adjustments to the campus environment.

All students are measured by the same academic standards. Those students who have greater needs may choose to enroll in the Program to Assist Student Success (PASS). Through PASS, extensive individualized tutoring is arranged. Assistance is provided with note taking, study skills, time management, research, paper writing, etc. Tapes of text are available. Tests accommodations within a distraction free enviornment and with extended time can be arranged.

There is an additional tuition fee for enrollment in PASS. For more information, contact the director of PASS.

The Helpline Network
The Dean of Students and Director of Counseling and Commuter Relations coordinates a system to provide assistance for students in academic, emotional, or financial crisis. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to initiate this service by contacting the Dean of Students. The Dean then assures that appropriate, qualified personnel assist students with specific needs.

International Student Advising
International students are assisted in their adjustment to this culture and the academic environment. Guidance is available for planning the student's academic program. Information regarding Immigration and Naturalization Service regulations are available. Should international students need housing during the holiday periods, they will be aided in securing accommodations. Special activities are planned to involve international students with campus and community events and other Louisiana College students through the International Student Organization. For additional information contact the International Student Advisor at 318.487.7445.