Men's Dorm - Tudor Hall | Louisiana College

Men's Dorm - Tudor Hall

Tudor Hall is a majority Freshman dorm that is named after Simon W. Tudor who was a trustee for Louisiana College.  The dorm is a male only dorm and can house 148 men total.  Men who stay in this dorm will have one roommate in the room with them, however private rooms are available.  There are two wings in the building that the male residents can stay in while in Tudor Hall, these wings are Holliday Hall and Lebanon Hall.

Holliday Hall

Holliday Hall is named after Zach “Doc” Holliday who was the Head Advisor for Tudor Hall from 1971 to 1980. Males who stay on this wing will have rooms with desks, dressers, beds, and closet space for each resident. These rooms also have a sink and built-in vanity in each room for the residents to use as well. All four of this buildings private rooms are located on this wing as well. The bathrooms on this wing are community style with up to 40 people sharing the restrooms and showers on this wing. 

Lebanon Hall

Lebanon Hall is named after Mt. Lebanon University which merged with Louisiana College and added this wing to Tudor Hall. Males who stay on this wing will have rooms with built-in desks, closet, and dressers as well as beds for each of the residents. These rooms have a sink and built-in medicine cabinet for the residents to use as well. The bathrooms on this wing are also community style with up to 19 people sharing the restrooms and showers on this wing.


Tudor Hall is the average dormitory style dorm that allows males who live in the building to build community with others on their hall and in the building as well. Each hall will have an RA, or Resident Assistant, located on it that who are there to help the residents throughout college and to make sure that the campus policies are being followed. First floor has one RA, while second and third floor have three, two located on Holliday Hall and one located on Lebanon Hall. The building also has a Head Advisor who lives on site in the building on the first floor. Located on first floor Holliday Hall and third floor Lebanon Hall are the laundry facilities for the building. They are free to use during the school year but, you must bring your own detergent and dryer sheets.

When it comes to things allowed in this dorm, the only way a resident can have something hanging on their wall is if it is being held by 3M Command strips, tacks and other types of tape are not allowed. Extension cords are also prohibited with the exception of surge protectors.  Each room is also allowed to bring one mini-fridge and one microwave as well as two televisions, as long as they are both flat-screens. Any item that has an open flame or a hot plate is strictly prohibited. 

Tudor Hall Amenities

  • Two standard twin beds
  • Two desks and chairs
  • Two closets
  • A sink in each room
  • All rooms have tiled flooring
  • Community bathrooms
  • Vending machines on first floor
  • Internet access at each desk (using an Ethernet cord provided by the student)
  • Cable television in each room (TV provided by student)
  • Telephone and caller ID access available in each room (Phone provided by student)
  • Laundry facilities on first and third floor (coinless in the Fall and Spring semesters)
  • Central Air and Heat
  • Lobby area
  • Keypad on side door of Tudor (only residents will have the code)
  • Occupants per room: 2

Please note that there are 4 designated private room in Tudor Hall. Private rooms are granted on a medical needs basis only.