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Commitment to higher learning within the context of Christian community distinguishes Louisiana College from other institutions. The College seeks to challenge and affirm students, faculty, and staff from diverse backgrounds in their spiritual as well as intellectual development. While spiritual growth is an implicit outcome of education from a Christian perspective, it is the explicit purpose of a wide range of organizations and activities at Louisiana College. The Spiritual Enrichment Program series of the College and a variety of campus organizations offer opportunities for fellowship and service that inspire and support spiritual growth and development.

Religious Organizations

Please log in to MyLaCollege for more information on all student organizations and calendars.

Baptist Collegiate Ministries

The BCM is the flagship Christian Organization of Louisiana College.  Supported by the Louisiana Baptist Convention and local churches, the BCM is a ministry department striving to meet the needs of all LC students. Under the leadership of Director Thomas Worsham and the student Leadership Team, the BCM offers a variety of opportunities for discipleship, fellowship, worship and ministry both on and off campus.

The BCM is located on the main floor of the Student Center overlooking the Granberry Conference Center.

Church Vocation Fellowship

The Church Vocation Fellowship serves students who anticipate careers in church ministries. Sponsored under the auspices of the Christian Studies Department, CVF provides opportunities for ministry, spiritual growth, and educational enrichment beyond the classroom. Students who receive the CVF stipend will be given a schedule of meetings of the CVF.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is open to all faculty, staff, and students as well as varsity athletes and students with particular interests in sports, health, and physical education. It provides opportunities for service and fellowship. Interested students may contact the Athletic Director in the Football Complex for more information or call 487-7559.

Catholic Student Organization

The Catholic Student Organization is open to students, faculty and staff of all denominations.  Our purpose is to foster understanding of our Catholic faith with all other denominations and create opportunities of the growth of our Christian Community through spiritual, social and service activities.  Our organization is supported through the efforts of the Diocese of Alexandria with Lynn Ray (318-613-0634) as our campus minister and Terri Blaisdell (318-487-7694) as our staff sponsor.  We meet during the semester on Monday evenings from 6-7 pm in the Student Center outside the Game Room.