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Louisiana College Homecoming 2017

Save the Date: October 12-14


     October 12 Luncheon for Classes of '67 and previous: $10 per person

     October 13 Golf Tourney: $70 per person

     October 14 Homecoming Celebration: $20 per person


To reserve/pay for Homecoming 2017 events, CLICK HERE 

Once on that page, scroll to the bottom and select "other" as a giving category. That will open a blank box wherein you may enter your contact info and pay for Homecoming events. Please be sure and indicate which events you are pre-paying.

You may also pay by check and send mail to:

Louisiana College Alumni

1140 College Drive

BOX 588

Pineville, LA 71359

For more info, email




Voices and Faces of Homecoming 2015

Distinguished Alumni Speeches

Becky Brown Speech 

Gretchen Loewer Hanson Speech

Donald Hill Speech


Hall of Fame Inductees' Speeches

Debbie Brasher Speech

Ben McLaughlin Speech