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Dennis Swanberg at LC

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Dr. Dennis Swanberg, affectionately known to his national TV audiences as “The Swan,” is a seasoned and solid communicator whose sly wit delivers life- enriching truths to the heart on wings of laughter.

Dennis Swanberg is a well qualified teacher, speaker, author, counselor, preacher and TV host. He is happily married to his wife Lauree and is the proud father of two grown sons, Chad and Dusty.

Dr. Swanberg was host of “THE DENNIS SWANBERG SHOW,” and “SWAN’S PLACE,” formerly nationally televised cable television shows that were viewed by over one million households. He is a welcome and popular guest on Dr. James Dobson’s national broadcasts and other TV and radio stations throughout the country.

A deeply loved pastor, Dr. Swanberg has won the hearts of audiences across the country. The Swan has been called “America’s Minister of Encouragement” because of his constant work at lifting hearts and leading people to a richer life through his “one of a kind” humor. His side- splitting stories of growing up, families, and the funny side of life entertains his audience even as he implants a strong message: we all have our flaws and foibles but we can also find a reason to smile!

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