What to Do While Waiting on God? | Louisiana College

What to Do While Waiting on God?

by Brad Welborn

PINEVILLE, La. (LCNews)--In a world filled with instant gratification -- things like Netflix and Hulu -- and having the world in our hands via cell phones, Louisiana College Women’s Basketball Coach Patrece Carter challenged students during LC’s Feb. 14 chapel service to have patience and wait on God.

“What are we waiting for but answers to prayer?” she asked. “Prayers for better grades, for improved relationships, prayers for guidance. No matter the plea, God will answer with yes, or ‘I’ve got something better for you.’”

Reading from Psalm 27:14, Carter posed the question: “What should we be doing while we wait on God?” Prepare, serve, and expect, she advised.

Prepare for God to answer your prayers by staying faithful to Him. If you expect for God to bless you with more then you must be faithful with what you have, she said.

Serving others is also serving God. Whatever you do in life, in school, at work, think of others before yourself. Serving is an act of worship to God.  Think: “How did I worship God today?” Carter said.

“Expect for your prayers to be answered, live with an air of expectancy in your life,” Carter added. “That means reading the Word for yourself and continuing to be faithful to God no matter the situation.”

Carter concluded with a challenge to stay faithful, stay in the Word, to go to church regularly, and to begin to strengthen one’s relationship with God.

(Photo, Hannah Verzwyvelt)