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C.S. Lewis Honors Scholars Program

C.S. Lewis Honors Scholars Program

Louisiana College has announced a new C.S. Lewis Scholarship and established a cohort as part of a newly launched Honors Program for qualified enrolling freshmen who scored a 28 or higher on the ACT. The annual scholarship is $8,500.

“These academic innovations are Louisiana College’s rewards to high school students who excelled academically, and who aspire to continue the level of Christian impact upon the culture that C.S. Lewis had,” said LC President Dr. Rick Brewer.  “Lewis -- whose intellectual acumen and Christian influence -- exemplifies one who integrated his faith and learning, thus reflecting our goal of preparing graduates and transforming lives.”

Additional advantages of being a C.S. Lewis Scholar include:

            - attending classes focused on C.S. Lewis and his writings;

            - representing LC as an ambassador at Christian worldview conferences;

            - mentoring other students academically;

            - interning at local industries and businesses that relate to your major;

            - upon approval, pursuing additional courses beyond the 18-hour maximum; and

            - at student’s expense, studying at Oxford University, where C.S. Lewis taught.

Leading the cohort of C.S. Lewis scholars will be Dr. Sarah J. Payne, a graduate of Milligan College and its intensive Christ-centered humanities curriculum. “Attending an institution that valued rigorous, interdisciplinary scholarship ignited a lifelong enjoyment of learning. I am excited about the academic and experiential opportunities this program will provide Louisiana College’s student scholars. It is my hope that these students too, will discover the joy of learning.”

Dr. Payne is an Associate Professor of Chemistry.  She holds a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Virginia, and earned a B.S. in Chemistry, graduating with honors, magna cum laude, from Milligan College.

LC President Dr. Rick Brewer said, “My experience as a Presidential Honors program participant during my undergraduate years was significantly instrumental in preparing me for a lifetime of learning, leading, and serving. We trust the same will be true for LC’s CS Lewis Honors Scholars program participants.”


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