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Louisiana College is pleased to update you concerning our expansion of online Christian education opportunities that can be offered to qualified dually enrolled students via Louisiana College.

These courses are appropriate for students to take on their own campus via a school proctor or at home. Because our virtual dual enrollment courses are taught and facilitated by our faculty, with the majority holding terminal degrees, the proctor is not required to have a degree in the course specific content area. This approach is ideal for private Christian institutions, which seek to offer multiple value and faith-integrated college level courses at their institutions.

A student who elects to take online dual enrollment courses from Louisiana College must be a Senior with a 2.75 GPA or a Freshmen, Sophomore, or Junior with a 3.0 GPA, and all must have a composite ACT score of at least 18. On-campus dual enrollment at LC is reserved for Juniors and Seniors. To take English 101, the student must earn an English ACT score of at least 18, and for Math 111, they must earn a Math ACT score of at least 19. All other courses are available with a composite ACT score of 18 or higher. For a complete listing of student requirements, please see the attached brochure.

The cost for each online course is $100.00, which includes all fees. This rate reflects a 97 percent discount off regular tuition. Students are responsible for textbooks and course materials.


Louisiana College Dual Enrollment Courses


__________  EN 101 English Composition I (3 hours)*

__________  EN 102 English Composition II (3 hours)*

__________  FR 101 Elementary French I (3 hours)*

__________  SP 101  Elementary Spanish I (3 hours)**


Fine Arts:

___________  AR 200 Art Appreciation (3 hours)**

___________  MU 200 Music Appreciation (3 hours)*

___________  TH 200 Theatre Appreciation (3 hours)**


Natural Sciences:

__________  BI 101-102 Introduction to Biology with lab (4 hours)*

__________  CH 111-112 General Chemistry with lab (4 hours)**

__________  ES 103-104 Introduction to Earth Science with lab (4 hours)**

__________  PH 101-102 Introduction to Natural Science; Physical Science with lab (4 hours)**



_________  MA 100 Finite Mathematics (3 hours)**

_________  MA 111  College Algebra (3 hours)*


Computer Applications:

_________  CS 150 Introduction to Computer Technology (3 hours)**

_________  BA 200 Computer Business Applications (3 hours)**



_________ HI 101 Civilization I (3 hours)*

_________ HI 102 Civilization II (3 hours)*



_________  CA 112 Public Speaking (3 hours)*



__________  RL 101 Survey of Old Testament (3 hours)*

__________  RL 102 Survey of New Testament (3 hours)*


Health and PE:

__________  HP 100 (1 hour) Personal Fitness**

__________  HP 101 Badminton (1 hour)**

__________  HP 102 Tennis (1 hour)**

__________  HP 105 Weight Training (1 hour)**

__________  HP 113 Beginning Swimming (1 hour)**

__________  HP 115 Water Fitness (1 hour)**

__________  HP 116 Introduction to Karate (1 hour)**


Social Sciences:

_________ EC 221 Economic Principles I (3 hours)**

_________ GE 201 World Geography (3 hours)*

_________ PS 200 Introduction to Social Science: Political Science (3 hours)**

_________ PY 220 Introduction to Psychology (3 hours)*


* Courses offered on-campus and online

** Courses offered on-campus only