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NOTE: Applicants must be currently engaged in bivocational ministry
or be preparing for bivocational ministry in a local church setting.

The Louisiana Baptist Convention is comprised of more than 1,500 churches, 80 percent of which have about 100 in worship each Sunday.  Though called by God to ministry, some pastors serving these churches are without formal theological training.  And they hardly have the time or money for training because they have two or more jobs; they are bivocational pastors.

In an effort to assist the bivocational pastor with formal ministry education and its expense, Louisiana College offers two tracks of ministry study this fall, each of which offers 16 hours of accredited coursework.  And tuition, books and fees are waived.

The new certificate programs are significant financially, academically and practically.  The Certificate in Pastoral Ministry prepares students for pulpit ministry, and the Certificate in Missiology equips students with the skills to revitalize a church or to plant a new one.

Each program offers accredited bachelor’s level curriculum hours that are transferrable toward a BA in Christian Studies should the bi-vocational pastor seek an undergraduate degree.

Designed for the busy minister, each course requires only three weekend visits to LC’s Pineville campus and one regional training seminar. Positioned conveniently across Louisiana, each regional training seminar -- called “Great Commission Leadership Seminars” -- will feature a keynote speaker and several state leaders to provide training.


RL367T - Christian Theology II-Sept. 8, Oct. 27, and Dec. 1 in Bolton Chapel
RL442T - Sermon Prep-Sept. 9, Oct. 28, and Dec. 2 in Bolton Chapel
CE303T - Evangelism-Sept. 9, Oct. 28, and Dec. 2 in Bolton Chapel
PM148T - Great Commission Seminar—TBD

NOTE: The certificate programs are exclusively for bivocational pastors and for those preparing for bivocational ministry.

REQUIREMENTS: Applicants must
     - complete the application below;
     - be 23 years of age;
     - be a high school graduate or equivalent (GED); and,
     - verify bi-vocational ministry either by providing a letter of recommendation from his current church of service or from a pastor-mentor who will confirm the applicant’s intent/calling toward bi-vocational ministry. Letters of recommendation should be sent to Dr. Philip Caples’ LC mailing address: 1140 College Drive, Pineville, LA  71359, or sent via email:

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