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Hall of Fame

Criteria for Nominees


  • Must have demonstrated athletic excellence in one (1) or more sports sponsored by the NCAA.
  • A student athlete becomes eligible for nomination to the Hall of Fame five years after graduation or withdrawal from the College. Student athletes may be nominated if they did not graduate but left the College in good academic standing. In unusual circumstances, an athlete may be eligible for the LC Hall of Fame due to professional opportunities, illness or injury that prevented them from finishing their schooling, financial hardship or called to active duty, and were on track to graduate at the time of departure.
  • Consideration will be given to student athletes who exhibit a high level of professional and personal integrity and contribute to the ideals of their sport or sports.

Coaches and Individuals

  • Must have been an outstanding coach or individual and demonstrated an unusually high degree of success for the College.
  • Individuals who exhibit a high level of professional and personal integrity and contribute to the ideas of LC Athletics.
  • An individual who has made a significant impact, demonstrated a heart of service and dedication, and/or an extraordinary contribution to the success or furthering of LC Athletics.
  • Individuals who have had a significant positive impact on student athletes, the College and the Athletic department.

Mail nominees to:

Karen Watkins
1140 College Drive, Box 587
Pineville, LA 71359

Or, complete and submit the form at the bottom of this page.


Induction Class of 2019

Rene’ M. Schwartzenburg  (11)

Induction Class of 2018

Michael John Byrnes, Jr. (79)
Tillisha Givens Wenslow (13)

Induction Class of 2017

Travis Davidson (91)
Don Jones (71)

Induction Class of 2016

James Halle (06)
Jim Morgans (69)
Al Sandahl (63)

Induction Class of 2015

Ben McLaughlin
Debbie Dixon Brasher
1978-79 Men's Basketball Team

Induction Class of 2014

McCaslin Carson
Larry Jeane
John Muder
Alan Williams

Induction Class of 2013

Matt Byrnes
Bobby Rucker
Kristi Small

Induction Class of 2012

Terry Bolton
Patrece Carter
Tom Collins
Ryan Vines

Induction Class of 2011

Justin Charles
Sandi Clark-Webb
Louis Hanson

Induction Class of 2010

Hymie Bradford
Emillie Collins
Wayne Davis

Induction Class of 2009

1958, Rice Bowl Team
Matt Miller
Jimmy Rea

Induction Class of 2008

Tonya McIntosh
William Morgan
Frank Schneider
Carolyn Spears

Induction Class of 2007

Robert Alan Corley III
Debra Johnson-Lewis
Ronald Thompson

Induction Class of 2006

Tommy Smith

Induction Class of 2005

Billy Brooks
Berman "Killer" Deshautelle Jr. 
William Harold Garrett
Lowell Lucas

Induction Class of 2004

Clayton Bullard
Alfred "Bo" Herring
James "Nic" Nichols

Induction Class of 2003

Dr. O. K. Bailey
Levi Barber
Denton "Dobie" Perkins
Fred Williams

Induction Class of 2002

Marilyn "M.D." Davis
Robert Magee

Induction Class of 2001

Robert Boisvert
Chiles Carpenter
Michael Allen Douchant
Marvin Gene Holland
Bruce Waldo

Induction Class of 2000

Robert Clark
Wesley Dyer
Marie Gagnard Montet
Charles E. Ward
Harry Welch Jr.

Induction Class of 1999

Tommy Bankston
Dr. Thomas Howell
Clifton "Monkey" Randall
James H. Rudd

Induction Class of 1998

Billy Beeson
Jerry George
Malvin Sistrunk
Lori Thames

Induction Class of 1997

Harry Aguillard
J. Larry Ladner
Joseph Limbaugh
Billy J. Rivet, Moses Joe C.

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