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2010 Distinguished Alumni

Ava Nell McWhorter

Ava Nell McWhorter, 1952 graduate of Louisiana College, has been a dedicated registered nurse serving our Lord for 22 years in the Gaza Strip, as a career missionary nurse. Since returning to the States, she has served as director of the Nursing Department of Presbyterian Village in Homer, Louisiana.

Ava is also serving her third term as Mayor of the village of Dixie Inn, Louisiana, and is secretary of the Dixie Inn Lions Club and President of the Webster Parish Humane Society. Ava Nell is a member of the National Baptist Nursing Fellowship and serves as Secretary of the Louisiana Chapter of that Fellowship. For three consecutive terms, Ava McWhorter was President of the Arklatex Louisiana College Alumni Association.

These accomplishments pale when compared to a decision Ava made when, after serving for 22 years with the Foreign Mission Board, she elected to adopt a little Muslim girl who was left in her care. To return the child would have meant death for the child. The Foreign Mission Board could not give approval for a single missionary to adopt a child, so Ava, in order to give this child a new life, gave up her calling to missions that she had been so faithful to. She returned to the States with this little Muslim child who accepted Christ as her savior at the age of 8, who graduated from high school and NW La. Vocational College, married and is now serving as a dental assistant in Dallas, TX.

For all of these reasons, among others, Louisiana College and the Alumni Association proudly issue this citation and honor Ava Nell McWhorter as Distinguished Alumna in the year 2010-2011. 


Curt Iles

Curt Iles, 1979 Louisiana College graduate, missionary, minister, humanitarian, author, publisher, speaker, educator, family man, and historian, has touched countless lives around the globe while fulfilling the mission for which God has called him.

Curt and his wife, DeDe, live in Dry Creek, Louisiana where they have raised three sons who, with their wives, have given them three grandsons.

From that little town in Southwest Louisiana, Curt’s Christian influence has extended to the mission fields in Africa, Asia, and South America, to the youth at Dry Creek Baptist Camp, to his students at East Beauregard High School, as well as to the Louisiana House of Representatives where he has been asked to lead opening prayer.

Known as an accomplished storyteller, and a keen observer of life in rural Southwest Louisiana, Curt has authored seven books of which over 20,000 copies have been sold. Court is a Southern writer with a warm style that reflects his life verse found in the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:33, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” Curt speaks at more than 100 events yearly where he joyfully professes his close walk with Jesus, his desire to be a man God can use, and his respect for and by his wife and family.

Louisiana College and the Alumni Association proudly issue this citation and honor Curt Iles as Distinguished Alumnus in the year 2010-2011.


Dr. William Walters Enete, Sr.

Born November 26, 1893, William Walters “Billy” Enete’s decision to pursue his calling to the ministry and his obtaining a degree from Louisiana College was rather unorthodox. After working in a blacksmith shop, boat repair shop, and automobile garage, “Billie” felt the call to surrender his life to the ministry. On September 14, 1914, at the age of 21, he started his studies at Louisiana College, working his way through, and in six years completed high school and college there. Skills learned, in order to pay for his schooling, served him well in his lifetime of service in the ministry. He learned photography, printing, developed his skills in illusion and slight of hand, and eventually mastered the art of ventriloquism.

Dr. Godbold, then president of Louisiana College, insisted that Billy enroll in the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY. It was there that he met and married Crystal Armstrong who accompanied him to Brazil where they began mission work for the Foreign Mission Board there. In a very short time, Billy had learned Portuguese well enough to preach, using object lessons and adapting his talents in illusion and ventriloquism to teach spiritual truths. A vacation bible school was organized there and Billy Enete took charge. This turned out to be his life’s work. Billy set about making his first dummy, “Johnny”, and used the doll as an indirect method of teaching life skills, honesty, obedience and other important truths. His audience of children was delighted with his presentation. In 1939, Billy Enete authored “Sammy Writes a Book” published by Broadman Press. In it, Sammy, his inseparable puppet, helped teach boys and girls valuable lessons of living a Christian life with Christian values.

Billy Enete and Crystal stayed in the mission field for over 40 years, pioneering children’s programs in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia. Their first three children were born in Brazil with their fourth child born while they were home on furlough. At the end of that year, they were eager to get back to Brazil and their calling to missions.

In 1966, Billy and Crystal left Brazil for the last time as missionaries. Billy kept on with Christian work through his death on August 6, 1967. He had happily given 42 years of his life to Christ.

Louisiana College and the Alumni Association proudly issue this citation and honor William Walters Enete, posthumously, as Distinguished Alumnus in the year 2009-2010.