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Social Work Department

What is Social Work?

The profession of social work offers diverse, exciting opportunities to engage in the work of “helping others” achieve their highest human potential, while promoting their dignity and worth through empowerment. Using a generalist practice framework, social workers intervene at multiple levels of practice, including individual, group, family, community, and organizational; in diverse settings such as schools, hospitals, prisons, mental health, substance abuse, etc.; addressing a variety of problems. In the next several years, the profession is expected to grow rapidly in the areas of healthcare and substance abuse. (U.S. Department of Labor, 2018)

According to CSWE EPAS (2015), generalist social work:

  • Is Grounded in liberal arts and person-in-environment framework
  • Uses scientific inquiry, ethical principles and critical thinking in practice at the micro, mezzo and macro levels
  • Engages diversity in practice and advocates for human rights and social and economic justice
  • Recognizes and builds upon the strengths and resiliency of all human beings