Finances | Louisiana College


Louisiana College is known for providing an excellent education at a cost well below the national average. We are the most affordable four-year private college in the state of Louisiana, and one of the least expensive private colleges in the nation.


Fee Payment and Student Check-In

All students must login to the MyLC portal, click on the FINALIZE tab and complete the all steps in the “Student Check-In” window in order to complete fee payment and finalize their enrollment status by the final date of registration as outlined in the Academic Calendar. 

Note:  Students who have a zero or credit balance because their tuition/fees are paid in full by financial aid are still required to complete the “Student Check-In” process.

Students are responsible for the timely availability of their financial aid (loans, scholarships, grants, etc.) in order to make payments due the College for tuition/fees/room & board by the payment deadline.