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Christian Commitment

The Spiritual Enrichment Program is a part of our Christian Commitment. Christian Commitment 

The mission of Louisiana College involves offering students an educational program “informed by the Christian faith.” The college also wishes to create a supportive environment in which students “are encouraged to develop an active Christian commitment.” Therefore, the college employs and retains administrators, faculty, and staff who exemplify a deep personal faith in Jesus Christ. To provide a positive example for students, the leaders and educators of Louisiana College will be individuals who authentically believe, think, teach, and live in a manner consistent with the Christian faith.

Administrators, faculty and staff at Louisiana College will be persons who, in addition to other contractual obligations:

  1. have received Jesus Christ as their personal God, Savior, and King and personally affirm that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully Man, the Savior whose sacrificial death is the only means of forgiveness of sin, the King who rules over their lives and is making them righteous through His Spirit and His Word;
  2. can articulate their faith in Christ to others;
  3. are members of a local Christian church, faithfully worshiping Christ and serving Him through the church,
  4. exemplify a Christian lifestyle characterized by the highest standards of Christian morality by exhibiting the character of Christ and living according to the ethical principles affirmed by Holy Scripture, as exemplified in the Great Commandments (Matthew 22:37-38) and the Golden Rule (Luke 6:31). Additionally, faculty will adhere to the statements of Professional Ethics and Personal Conduct stated in sections 2.8.1 and 2.8. of the Faculty Handbook;
  5. are expected to abstain from serving, using, or advocating the use of alcoholic beverages in public* and/or in settings in which students are or are likely to be present except in the case of communion. In addition, alcoholic beverages may not be used on campus, at any college-related activity, or on any college sponsored trip;
  6. are familiar with the Baptist Faith and Message 2000and teach and work in accordance with and not contrary to this doctrinal statement;
  7. understand, affirm, and pursue the fulfillment of the Christian mission of the college;
  8. seek to achieve an integration of sound scholarship and the Christian faith in teaching, daily living, and across the broad scope of educational activities;
  9. are strongly encouraged to attend weekly chapel services as a means of giving personal support for the Christian mission of the college, and as a means of encouraging students in their own spiritual journey. As an expression of this support, faculty and staff members are requested not to schedule or hold meetings, classes, etc. during the scheduled chapel services. Faculty and staff members are also encouraged to attend other religious emphases sponsored by the college as an expression of their support for the college’s Christian mission.

*Public: Locations or facilities which are open to use by the general public, whether with or without the payment of some fee such as an admissions or fee for services. Examples include such places as restaurants, concert venues, stadiums, and sports facilities.

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Adopted by the Louisiana College Board of Trustees on April 4, 2006