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Water Fitness Schedule and Registration Form

Water Healing

A mild and gentle workout offering specific rehabilitation exercises recommended for those recovering from injury or surgery, chronic pain, physically challenged by impairment, severe arthritis or joint problems, cardiac rehabilitation or other difficulties. Individual programs are tailored for specific needs and as progress occurs, participants may move to another class activity levels.


This deep water aerobics class offers a variety of water fitness routines to meet the needs of every participant. The focus is on toning, endurance, cardiovascular strengthening, decreasing pain and stiffness and is a guaranteed stress release. It is fun, refreshing, and a way to stay fit.

W.E.T. (Water Exercise Training)

W.E.T. (Water Exercise Training) is a mild to moderate water fitness program that includes stretching, toning, use of resistant equipment and a moderate cardiovascular workout. The class is offered for the conditioned person who is seeking a safe, moderate and challenging workout.

Arthritis Plus

This class is endorsed by the Louisiana Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. In these sessions you will perform gentle movements designed to help decrease pain and stiffness, improve joint flexibility, maintain muscle strength and improve balance and coordination.

Personal Training

An aquatic specialist works one-on-one with a participant who has special needs. A program is designed with mild exercise, range-of-motion, strengthening, flexibility, and toning. Progress will be charted as participant obtains a better quality of life through this unique one-on-one training.

Open Pool

Open pool provides the use of pool for individual water fitness; lap swimming, water walking, or deep water workout. A lifeguard is on duty. Certified instructors are also on duty for any additional assistance or advice. Hours for open pool are 6 a.m. - 8 a.m., Monday - Friday and 5:30 p.m., Tuesday - Wednesday.

Fees for Water Fitness Classes

$40 one-time registration fee.
$35/month to attend class as often as desired.

*REQUIRED: Aquatic shoes and doctor's referral
Doctor's referral can be faxed to (318) 487-7174.

Water Fitness Schedule and Registration Form

*AFAP Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program

**AFAP-Plus Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program Plus

Schedule is subject to change seasonally.

For more information call: Aquatic Office, (318) 487-7311 or AFTER 2:00 P.M. (318) 561-6350.