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Forensics/Debate Squad

The internationally known Louisiana College Debate Squad travels extensively through the South and Midwest. The Louisiana College Debate Teamstudents have completed successfully against some of the major schools in the nation. The squad is open to anyone interested in developing skills in public speaking, argument development, general knowledge, and critical thinking. Scholarship aid is available.

Academic credit may be earned by participating on the Louisiana College Debate Squad, but enrolling in CA 115/315 is not a requirement to participate. Students wishing to receive academic credit may receive a maximum of four (4) hours credit for CA 115 and four (4) hours credit for CA 315, but no more than one credit per semester may be earned. Admission to the squad requires permission of the Director of Forensics.

Students will be given the opportunity to attend intercollegiate debate tournaments. Louisiana College attends five to six tournaments per semester. Most of the tournaments, with the exception of national tournaments, are Friday through Sunday tournaments. National tournaments usually include weekdays other than Friday. No other course is required to participate on the Debate Squad.

Since attending an intercollegiate debate tournament is representing Louisiana College, any classes missed will be officially excused by the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the student will be allowed to make up any work missed. However, it is the student's responsibility to talk with his/her instructors prior to the absences.

Louisiana College pays for tournament expenses such as travel, lodging, and tournament fees. Other occasional fees will be paid such as banquet tickets, etc.

FormatLouisiana College Debate Team
Louisiana College participates in tournaments sanctioned by the National Parliamentary Debate Association, the largest collegiate forensic organization in the nation. This format also allows LC to participate in international tournaments. Louisiana College became the first college or university in Louisiana to participate in an international tournament when they traveled to the Pacific Cup Tournament in Vancouver, B.C.

Limited scholarship funds are available from various forensics endowments. Available funds are awarded by the Director of Forensics. Should a student resign from the Debate Squad or be ordered off during the semester, any scholarship funds awarded for that semester must be repaid to Louisiana College.

The Louisiana College Debate Squad dates back to the founding of the college and is the oldest student organization on campus. In 1989, it was awarded the Brady Garrison Award by the Cross Examination Debate Association. In 1989, the Louisiana College novice debate team won third place at the National Parliamentary Debate Association's National Championship Tournament.

2009-2010 Debate Squad Schedule of Events

October 9-11
 University of Arkansas at Monticello
October 23-25
November 6-8
 LSUS Red River Classic
November 20-21
 Union University
February 5-7
 LSU Mardi Gras Tournament
February 19-20
 BPCC Eddy Shell Invitational
February 27-28
 Henderson State University

Martin Performing Arts Center, Rm. 202,  LC campus

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