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Breaking All Barriers

Breaking All Barriers (BAB) is a culturally diverse organization that celebrates diversity on the LC campus. Since the organization’s founding in 2000, the group has been committed to seeing change and to living according to the commandment of Jesus Christ that we should “love our neighbor as ourselves.”

A scene from the BAB Multicultural Fair The purpose of the organization is to increase fellowship and campus involvement among diverse groups on campus. BAB is hoping to tear down walls by developing and promoting the interest of diversity among all students by highlighting the history, art, literature, and theology of various cultures.

BAB holds its meetings on the first Friday of each month. They sponsor activities such as the Multicultural Fair, movie nights, and open forums. BAB has also sponsored a Honocaust Commemoration Program, a Black History Movie Month, and a Native American History Month Celebration.

  All LC students are eligible for membership in BAB. Members are encouraged to maintain positive attitudes, a willingness to serve, and loyalty to others.

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