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Student Organizations

Louisiana College is about life in all its fullness. Students come here to learn, but learning doesn't end in the classroom. Students learn from every experience, every friendship, every game, and every late-night conversation.

Student organizations thrive at Louisiana College. LC students have numerous opportunities for involvement in campus life through a variety of activities and organizations.

A diversity of campus-wide organizations, Greek organizations, service clubs, special interest groups, and professional societies offer wide-ranging opportunities for involvement.

For a complete list of student organizations and activities on the campus, please log-in to MyLaCollege or click here.

Policies Governing Student Organizations
The policies contained in this section relate to all approved student organizations at Louisiana College. These outline membership eligibility, organizational responsibilities, and aid in planning, scheduling, and conducting group functions.

Charters and Constitutions
The Student Government Association reserves the right to charter new campus organizations. Charter applications may be secured in the Student Activities Office on the 3rd floor of the Hixson Student Center. The Director of Student Activities and the SGA Vice President must first review the following information before a charter can be granted:

Purpose Statement
Proposed program of activities
List of interested students
Name and address of proposed faculty advisor
One copy of the proposed constitution
Letter of recommendation from the Chairperson of the Department which relates to the organization, if the organization is an academic or departmental club.
Must have approval of Vice President for Student Life.
Policies governing organization constitutions are as follows:

  • Each constitution must contain a statement that the organization and its members agree to uphold and abide by the regulations of Louisiana College.
  • Constitutional changes must be approved by the SGA and the Director of Student Activities.
  • Any action of an organization which violates its constitution and by-laws or brings discredit to the College or student body will result in disciplinary action.
  • Whenever any organization becomes inactive or fails to meet the specified requirements following a semester of probation, its constitution may be revoked by recommendation of the Vice President of SGA and the consensus of the Vice President for Student Life, the Director of Student Activities, and majority vote of the SGA.
  • Unchartered organizations and groups that participate in activities contrary to established College policy are not permitted. Participants in such activities or groups will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Student Eligibility
  • Active membership of recognized organizations is limited to registered students of Louisiana College.

Students participating in student organizations must adhere to the following guidelines:

Academic Requirements
All students seeking involvement as officers or committee members of the Student Government Association, Union Board or as members of any student organization under the supervision of the Student Life division of the College must achieve and maintain a minimum College grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

Membership Requirements
Students involved as members of any organization under the supervision of the Student Life division of the College must achieve and maintain a minimum College cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. Students failing to meet this requirement will be placed on probation for a period of one semester. If the required 2.0 GPA has not been achieved by the end of this period, the student will be suspended from participation in campus organizations. For more information about academic and membership requirements, see policy #230.10.

Provisional Pledgeship
Students who have completed nine hours of college work and who have an overall GPA between 1.5 and 2.00 may serve a "provisional pledgeship" with a student organization under the supervision of the Director of Student Activities with the approval of the President's Table. Students may take part in Provisional Pledgeship for only one semester, after which time they must achieve an overall 2.0 GPA in order to be initiated into the organization. For more information, see policy #230.102.

Responsibilities of Organizational Presidents
Duties of organizational presidents include:

  • Submitting Student Organization Registration Form and Student Organization Rosters to the Director of Student Activities and to the Vice President of SGA to be kept on file in both offices. These should be submitted by the date on the top of the form and should be kept current. Any change should be submitted within one week following the change.
  • Assuring that all organizational activities are in accord with College regulations.
  • Representing or appointing a representative for their organization at Presidents' Table meetings each month.
  • Meet biannually with the Director of Student Activities and Vice President for Student Life to ensure compliance with College policies regarding student activities and student behavior.
  • Complete a "Request for College Event Form" available in the Student Activities Office thirty days prior to any campus activity or social event.
  • Complete annual written report to the Vice President for Student Life, due in May of the academic year, explaining the activities and accomplishments of the organization.
  • Complete annual written report to the Vice President for Student Life, during May of the academic year, of all funds expended and outlining costs and expenses.
  • Reporting meetings, events, and attendance on the Semester Evaluation Form on/or before Dead Day.

Organizational Events
In planning events, organizations should abide by these guidelines:

  • Submit a "Request for College Event Form" to the Director of Student Activities 30 days prior to the event. Event forms are available in the Student Activities Office.
  • Functions sponsored by student organizations must be endorsed by the faculty advisor, and approved by the Director of Student Activities.
  • Organizational advisors and officers are held responsible for the planning, scheduling, and overall conduct of the activities of their organization. They are expected to follow College Calendar Procedures.
  • Student organizations sponsoring off-campus events must function within the framework of established College policy
  • Student organizations will assume complete responsibility for the conduct of all participants attending their functions. Failure to accept this responsibility will subject the violating organization to suspension of social privileges and/or revocation of College recognition.

A College representative must be in attendance at off-campus events sponsored by student organizations. The representative must be the faculty advisor, or a mature adult designated by the advisor.

Publicity regarding off-campus events must be approved in advance by the Director of Student Activities.

The sponsoring organization will be responsible for the conduct of all persons attending any event or activity. The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages at any organizational activity is strictly prohibited.
No organization will require of its members participation in any activity incompatible with scholastic attainment or the general development of the individual. ALL FORMS OF HAZING ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED and may result in severe disciplinary action.

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