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What to Bring

Please download this handy list of what to bring and what not to bring to Louisiana College. The most common questions about what to bring include TV, Phone & Computer. The information below should answer most of your questions, but feel free to reach us at the contact information on the Residential Life page.

Get connected! Bring your telephone, television, and computer to stay connected to friends, family, professors, and to technology at Louisiana College.

Bring your Telephone
Telephone service is provided in each room with call waiting and caller i.d. Any standard touch tone phone with modular jack is acceptable. Please note the following:

  • On-campus and local calls are free.
  • Long distance: you must use a phone card to access long distance carriers and charge calls.
  • You can make collect calls.

Bring your Television
Cable television service is available in each room, featuring a broad array of educational and entertainment programming. Any cable ready television set with a standard coaxial connection may be plugged in immediately. No converter boxes are required. Bring your owner's manual to help program cable channels on your set.

Bring your Computer
If you have an IBM compatible or Apple Macintoch computer with the minimum system configuration, you will have access to the internet and the electronic mail system. They will need a 10 Base T Ethernet Card. A category 5 cable will also be needed and can be purchased through our Computer Services Office for $2.00 for a five foot cable, $4.00 for a ten foot, etc. or you can bring your own.

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