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Roommates at Louisiana College

Your roommate will have a significant impact on your experience at college. The relationship you share may influence everything from your study habits, social life, to the overall experience you have at Louisiana College.

It is not always easy to find the "perfect" roommate or to be the perfect roommate. Living with another individual and sharing a small space takes a lot of patience, respect, tolerance for individual beliefs and differences, and understanding. Roommates who get along well with one another, work at getting along well with one another. Developing a relationship with your roommate is a valuable part of your educational experience.

The Director of Residence Life makes room assignments for students. Each housing application is carefully examined, and several criteria are used in assigning roommates.

  • Mutual roommate requests
  • Hall choices
  • Preferred sleeping hours
  • Academic classification
  • Study habits
  • Music interests
  • Activity interests

Once roommate assignments have been made, you may be assigned an email address through our Computer Center. You and your roommate may begin emailing each other to choose items for your room, coordinate what to bring, get to know each other, and start planning for the year. 

Please note that due limited room availability private rooms will only be assigned on a medical needs basis. Not only are rooms limited, but we believe you will find that your college experience will be enhanced by living in community with other students. If your roommate is not a good fit for you then please let us know and we will do our best to get you matched up with a roommate that is just right.

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