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Copyrighted Material and Intellectual Property

Louisiana College is a strong proponent of copyright law and intellectual property rights. These laws are designed to protect research activities of everyone. The Code of Academic Integrity speaks breifly to these issues and lays out the penalties for participation in these activities. This information can be found on (pages 17 - 23) of the Louisiana College Student Handbook.

The Office of Information Technology enforces these policies in the digital realm of Louisiana College. The Department of Information Technology established policies on the LC network to prevent such activities. Compyright and Intelectual property policies are mandated by the LC administration and Federal Regulatory Agencies. These policies cannot be revoked or rescinded for any reason.

Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) :

The HEOA act of 2008 and regulations of 2009 have placed additional requirements on all higher education institutions to provide the following :

  • Annual disclosure to students describing copyright law and campus policies related to the violation of copyright laws.

  • Develop a plan to "effectively combat" any copyright abuse on campus networks using " a variety of technology-based deterrents".

  • Offer "alternatives to illegal downloading" to network users.

In keeping with these requirments Louisiana College provides the following information:

Copyright Usage Information:

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