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Below is the content of a letter from Louisiana College Board of Trustees Chairman Mr. Johnny Hoychick.
The letter has been sent to the editor of “Bayou Brief,” who apparently was first to
report on a federal lawsuit filed against Louisiana College.


Dear Mr. White:

Your Bayou Brief article about the Federal lawsuit against Louisiana College and its president concerning a football coach apparently was also printed by the Associated Press.   I presume that you realize anyone who pays a filing fee and hires a lawyer can file a suit, no matter how meritless the suit. 

As current chairman of the Board of Trustees of Louisiana College, I know President Brewer to be a man of the utmost character.  He is a man indiscriminately supportive of his administrators, faculty, and staff, whose personal mission is to help those in his sphere of influence achieve the highest of goals while maintaining impeccable moral scruples.

His commitment to inclusivity is not driven by political correctness.  Rather, his employment decisions are always based solely on professional qualifications of the candidate.

Thankfully, you note the rebound Louisiana College has received since Dr. Brewer came to Louisiana College.  Now the claimant at issue and his lawyer seemingly seek to force Louisiana College into paying money in order to avoid the adverse publicity caused by this meritless Complaint.  

Sadly, our present culture has lost sight of the founding Constitutional principle of “innocent until proven guilty”.  The press reports have exacerbated this unfortunate judgmental trend.

At my request, Dr. Brewer has submitted these comments for public consumption:

“Based upon lawsuit allegations without truth, I have been vilified and determined guilty by certain persons from across the nation. I am not nearly as upset as I am hurt.  I feel wounded by such reactions because I love and worship Jesus Christ, whose shed blood is the reason I have a personal relationship with the eternal God.”

The Board of Trustees at Louisiana College stands squarely with Dr. Brewer’s administrative decisions because we know that his exemplary character and moral fortitude are inspired by Jesus Christ.  Louisiana College will not be intimidated by this suit or the publicity it seeks, and look forward to our day in court when all the facts are presented, which will support the dismissal of this lawsuit.



Johnny Hoychick, Chairman
Louisiana College Board of Trustees



Additional information below not included in the above letter but sent to national media.

Louisiana College has expressed its support for the Jewish heritage annually since Dr. Brewer was unanimously elected as the College’s ninth president in March 2015.  Further, LC students were encouraged to attend these events for their enrichment and to gain “cultural credits” in fulfillment of graduation requirements.

Louisiana College hosted Dr. Ammosov Maxim and Jews for Jesus in a presentation of a Jewish Seder titled “Christ in the Passover,” March 23, 2015.

On April 6, 2015, Louisiana College hosted the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Members of the community, including pastors from varied denominations attended, as well as members of the LC faculty, staff, administration, and students.

On April 12, 2016, the College welcomed Holocaust survivor Mr. Manny Klepper, who shared his memories of Kristallnacht – “The Night of Broken Glass,” when in 1938, members of the Hitler Youth, SS and Nazi storm troopers attacked Jewish places of business and worship.


Dr. Brewer was the first LC president to attend Alexandria Louisiana’s annual commemoration of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) and the subsequent event at Emmanuel Baptist Church on April 24, 2017.