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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Louisiana College Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Louisiana College is required by federal regulations to establish minimum standards of satisfactory academic progress (SAP) to determine a student's eligibility for federally funded financial aid programs. These programs include federal grants, federal work-study, and Stafford and PLUS loans. The student must meet these minimum satisfactory progress standards in order to initially receive and/or to maintain eligibility for Title IV federal funds.

These satisfactory progress standards apply to all students, including transfer, re-entry, and continuing, regardless of whether or not they previously received aid. For transfer or re-entry students, SAP will be reviewed and determined before aid is initially awarded, then once every academic year, after the spring semester. For continuing students. SAP will be reviewed and determined once every academic year, after the spring semester. Students enrolling in college for the first time are considered to be make satisfactory academic progress if they meet LC's admissions requirements.


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