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Dr. Daniel Criswell

Professor of Biology
Holder, Hogan Professorship
CAV 222
LC Box 552
(318) 487-7462

About Dr. Criswell:

-B.S. Zoology, Weber State University 1982
-M.S. Biology, Institute for Creation Research 1994
-Ph.D. Molecular Biology, University of Montana 2004

Dr. Criswell has been teaching  biology for three decades.  He has authored four book and more than a dozen peer-reviewed articles on topics ranging from human heredity, to pseudogenes to antibiotic resistance. From 2006-2009 he was the project manager and principal investigator for GENE, a mitochondrial research project.  He loves teaching techniques in the microbiology lab to Louisiana College students, including bacterial transformations and many other research-grade cell culture techniques. Research article titles include things like, “Predation Did Not Come from Evolution,” “The Eve Mitochondrial Consensus Sequence,” and “Adam and Eve, Vitamin C, and Pseudogenes.”

Dr. Criswell came to LC in 2010 and has been awarded an endowed professorship for his work here. Since arriving, three of his family members have completed degrees at LC. He is married to Leona and has four kids: Shannan, Andrew, Rachel, and Melody. He also enjoys time with his four grandkids: Tyler, Joren, Brody and Selah.


Criswell, D. 2009. A Review of Mitoribosome Structure and Function Does not Support the Serial Endosymbiosis Theory. Answers Research Journal 2:107-115

Criswell, D. 2009. Neandertal DNA and Modern Humans. Creation Research Society Quarterly 45(2):246-254.

Criswell, D., Tobiason, V.L., Lodmell, J.S., and Samuels, D.S. 2006. Mutations Conferring Aminoglycoside and Spectinomycin Resistance in Borrelia burgdorferiAntimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 50(2):445-452.

Criswell, D. 2006. What Makes Us Human? Acts and Facts Impact 391.

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