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LC Raises Bar with New Division and Expanded Public Relations and Communications Curriculum

By: Kalee Bernard

PINEVILLE, April 8 – Louisiana College’s Department of Convergence Media and Communication Studies Department have merged to form the Division of Media and Communication.  

Following a series of strategic planning meetings among faculty members of the College of Fine Arts and Media, LC’s Academic Council and full faculty unanimously approved the new academic structure, and with it, expanded course offerings including a new public relations program for current and prospective students.

“I believe the new division structure and course offerings, especially the new public relations program for students, are great additions to LC and its curriculum,” said Dr. Matt Thornton, chair of the new Division of Media and Communication.  “LC will be one of the only colleges in Central Louisiana to offer a specialized public relations program.”

The addition of new faculty over the last two years in both the Department of Convergence Media and Department of Communication Studies permitted the opportunity to explore alternative academic structures as well as new course offerings. 

Beginning this coming fall semester, the Department of Convergence Media will offer a specialized concentration in public relations for students majoring in Convergence Media as well as a minor in public relations for students majoring in other complimentary fields such as business and public administration. 

Offerings in public relations will be a drawing card for high school seniors across the region hoping to obtain a solid career after college.  Nationally, public relations jobs are growing in demand and offer median incomes much higher than the national average.

In addition to the new public relations program, the Department of Convergence Media will also offer a new videography course as well as courses in media ethics, media persuasion and mass media theory and research.  At the same time, the Department of Communication Studies revamped curriculum to include new courses in crisis communication and leadership communication.

Along with Thornton, division faculty members are excited about the benefits the new division structure and curriculum will produce for LC students.

“In addition to communication and media students, we are hoping students of other divisions will recognize the value of the courses we are offering and how they can use those courses to enhance their future career opportunities,” said Brandon Bannon, Department Head of Communication Studies.

Students majoring in business, marketing and graphic design are especially encouraged to look into courses being offered through the new division.  However, these courses are applicable to almost every path of study and future career, so students across campus are encouraged to take advantage of the new opportunities available.

“These courses teach us how to communicate in the world we live in today,” said Al Quartemont, Department Head of Convergence Media.  “How can that not be helpful to any student, no matter the path of study they have chosen?”

As new courses will be offered in the fall semester, students are encouraged to talk to their advisor soon about how they can take advantage of new division offerings.


For more information on the Division of Media Communication and curriculum offerings, contact:

Dr. Matt Thornton –, 318-487-7101

Mr. Brandon Bannon –, 318-487-7594

Mr. Al Quartemont –, 318-447-1243

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