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by Josh Landry, Wildcats Media

Louisiana College is preparing for the spring production of the 1957 Tony nominated musical “The Music Man” written by Meredith Willson

Cast members are excited for “The Music Man,” said tlc director Tabitha Huffman. She said she wanted to do The Music Man because it is a musical she knows and performed in when she was in high school

According to Huffman, the decision to do The Music Man was inspired by a donation from Pineville Junior High, “Pineville Junior High gave us a bunch of band uniforms because they got brand new ones,” Huffman said.  “I got to raid their band closet, so we have been holding on to those band uniforms because that is what we need for the boy band in the musical.

“The Music Man” is a musical comedy about a traveling salesman who is actually a con artist, and he gathers people in the town of Somewhere, Iowa to jump on board with him to create a boy band. He uses a system called the think system in which he listens to a tune and is able to play it

Huffman is not only directing, but also starring in the show. She is Mrs. Paroo, the mother of the main character Marian the librarian

“She is just a sweet mom,” Huffman said. “She sees this man who has turned her daughter’s eye, and so she tries to coax her into giving him a chance.

Kate Rawls, the music director, is helping Huffman and the other cast members with the music.  “My favorite part about the music rehearsals is putting the show together and getting the music to the point where we can have fun with it.”

Like Huffman, Rawls said she loves “The Music Man.” It is fun and not difficult.

Huffman and Rawls traditionally team up each spring and tlc and LC opera do a musical. Last spring’s production of “Fiddler on the Roof” played several nights to sold out crowds

The play runs March 16,17, 23,and 24 at 7 p.m. and March 18 and 25 at 2 p.m.



Purchase tickets online at 

Ticket are $5 for LC students, faculty, and staff; $10 for groups of 10 or more; $12 for senior citizens (60 or older), non-LC students and children; and $15 for adults.

Purchase tickets at the door with cash, bank card, or check, or call 318.487.7495 to make a reservation.