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Louisiana Collegiate International Academy

Louisiana Collegiate International Academy Admissions Application

Press Release

Phone: (318) 446-2419

 Admissions Criteria

 Candidates will be evaluated by an admissions committee who will consider five components: 
A.  Academic achievement and/or ability
B.  Citizenship and leadership
C.  Critical thinking and application
D.  Work Ethic
E.  Moral Character

A. Academic achievement:

The following artifacts are required as evidence of academic accomplishment:

  • An academic transcript for grades 9 and 10: Composite grade point average of 3.5 for attempted subjects required.
  • Completed recommendation LCIA form  from candidate’s science or math teacher. 
  • Completed recommendation LCIA form from candidate’s teacher in one of the following courses: English, History, Psychology, Art or other pre-approved subject area.

SAT/ACT or other approved standardized tests: A composite ACT score of 22 or equivalent required.

  • Subject area scores will be considered for placement in LCIA courses. Weakness in a single discipline may not prohibit admission if prescriptive courses can be identified to strengthen the weak subject.
  • Grade point average in a rigorous curriculum may be considered.

Under very rare circumstances, students who do not strictly meet every admission requirement may be considered if they can prove a strong likelihood of success in an academically rigorous course of study.

B. Citizenship and leadership:

The following artifacts are required as evidence of citizenship and leadership accomplishment:

The application will include a required section exploring the candidates co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The candidate will be encouraged to submit any certificates, awards, commendations, media coverage or letters acknowledging their role in community and leadership activities.

A letter of recommendation (LCIA form) will be required from non–relative adult who can substantively attest to the candidates’ citizenship and leadership ability and experiences.

C. Critical thinking:

Candidates will construct two, three page minimum, personal essays. Specific topics will be assigned by the AC and will be intended to establish the candidate’s 1) writing skill 2)expressive ability 3)problem solving skills 4) creativity and 4)ability to identify and articulate complex thoughts and ideas.

D. Moral Character:

Candidates will supply an original, written essay describing their own character traits as they relate to moral behavior in a Christian environment.  (Applicants are not required to be Christians)

Each qualified candidate will participate in a personal interview with the AC. 

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