Already one of the most decorated players in Louisiana College and American Southwest Conference history, LC forward Natosha Gottlieb has received one of the highest honors a female basketball player can attain, as the All-American will have her jersey displayed in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The Women’s Basketball Hall Of Fame, whose mission is the “Honor the past, celebrate the present, and promote the future” of women’s basketball, will display Gottlieb’s jersey in their “Ring Of Honor” display at the museum in Knoxville beginning this summer.

The Ring of Honor currently has over 100 jerseys on display, and after Gottlieb’s historic career in Pineville, her jersey will also be included in the historic display.

More information on the display, as well as information related to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, can be found by calling the Hall of Fame’s Director of Basketball Operations, Josh Sullivan, at 865-633-9000.