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Master of Arts in Teaching


Louisiana College is continually updating its offerings for students. We have a wide and varied degree program that includes one graduate level offering for a Master's in Teaching. The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is the first graduate degree to be offered by Louisiana College in its distinguished 103 year history. Upon receiving inital approval from the Southern Association Commission on Colleges, Louisiana College implemented the new MAT program summer of 2008. This program is designed for individuals who hold baccalaureate degrees in traditional disciplines in the arts, humanities, and sciences and desire to achieve advanced preparation and/or professional teacher certification.

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Master of Social Work 

The MSW program is a 60 hour graduate program that includes field experiences.  This MSW Program is unique to Louisiana and the region because the curriculum has a 15-hour healthcare/behavioral health component and is based on a Christian worldview.  Helping students understand how the values of social work and the values of the Christian faith closely align is a key component in their education and application of skills in the marketplace. The Master of Social Work degree at Louisiana College is far more about people than a process or a product. The very nature of the social work profession is service oriented, which reflects LC’s practice of integrating faith and learning.

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Master of Science in Nursing

The 100% online MSN program is designed for nurses seeking to advance their future in Clinical Nurse Leadership. With the flexibility of online course work, practicing nurses can earn their MSN without disrupting their already busy lives. In the RN to MSN program, students who hold a BSN can earn their Advanced Practice degree in six semesters. Students with an associate degree or a diploma or certificate from a hospital-based program can complete our RN to BSN program in a year. Louisiana College will grant the BSN to anyone who completes the RN to BSN program whether or not they continue to the MSN program.

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Master of Education in Educational Leadership

The new 36-hour MEd program offers an add-on certification for educational leadership. Candidates will develop best practices in leadership from the most effective leaders from across the country, a majority who have served as a principal and/or a district superintendent. The Alternative Path for Educational Leader Level 1 is a certification pathway that includes 24 credit hours of graduate level coursework. The program assures that individuals who complete the program have documented evidence of skills that meet all standards required by Louisiana Board of Education to attain an Alternative Path Educational Leader Certificate Level 1.

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