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Frances C. Pegg

Frances C. Pegg – “I’m in His Hands” – A Personal Testimony to God. Slight in statue but not in spirit, Mrs. Frances Pegg greets you with the joy one only finds in Christ Jesus. Meet Frances Pegg, Louisiana College
alumnus, mother, wife and living testimony to God’s healing power.

In the fall of 2004, Mrs. Pegg began experiencing difficulty maintaining balance, falling, and difficulty completing everyday tasks. As caregiver to her husband who had Multiple Sclerosis, she knew these symptoms
could not be ignored. A series of MRI scans indicated a tumor was between her brain stem and cerebellum. Lecompte, Louisiana to Houston, Texas seemed impossible but God provided a way. Mrs. Pegg found comfort in “The Relinquishment Prayer” written by Catherine Marshall’s Adventures in Prayer. This simple prayer of relinquishing all to Christ was just the beginning of Mrs. Pegg’s adventures in prayer!

Surgery at M.D. Anderson was scheduled, and the tumor removed. The left side of her body was paralyzed, but it didn’t affect her smile or her faith. Every doctor and nurse was told, “its okay. I’m in God’s hands.”
Mrs. Pegg soon learned that she had a rare form of lymphoma in her brain, which has altered her daily life such as the loss of her singing voice, vision problems, and spells of nausea and vomiting. Mrs. Pegg continues to smile and give testimony to God’s faithfulness. The physical and medical challenges faced by Mr. and Mrs. Pegg led their daughters to seek an assisted living setting closer to their homes in Alexandria. Kingsley Place in Alexandria was their choice but the living area size was not available. After a three-year wait, a room was available and not a moment too soon…Hurricane Gustav hit their home and if they had stayed, rescue efforts would have taken days.

Mrs. Pegg lost her husband Thanksgiving of 2009, but she rejoices for the years they had together. She looks at the possible not the impossible. She gives thanks for what she can do not what she can’t do! She gives thanks while doing her laundry, for the ability to roll over in bed, and to dress her. The spirit of gratitude and placing all in the Father’s Hands has contributed to gaining some mobility on her left side. At 75 years of age, Mrs. Pegg states, “Many of us don’t think about little things being so important, but everything I can do for myself…thank you God…it makes you want to cry, but I have no tears because chemo dried those up!”

Mrs. Pegg does her best to bring glory to God through the testimony He has given her. Being influenced by Psalms 118:17, “I will not die, but live and tell what God has done,” Mrs. Pegg knows that sharing her journey is essential to bringing glory to the Lord.

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