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The Department of Communication Studies

Communication Studies, Dr. Bannon

The study of communication is one of the oldest academic disciplines in the Western world, and for good reason.  Effective communication skills continue to be highly prized by prospective employers.  Individuals possessing strong communication skills are poised for success in virtually any field, from education and business to healthcare and Christian studies.

Within the Department, Communication Studies is offered as a major area of study as well as a minor to compliment other academic disciplines. The Department, in collaboration with the Department of Theatre, additionally offers a Speech Education minor for students seeking a career in secondary education.  For students interested in debate, the Department is also home to LC’s Debate program.

The learning approach to the study of communication at Louisiana College is that of comprehension, adaptation and application. These approaches share a common heritage in the classic Trivium learning model, as advocated by such classic scholars as Plato and Aristotle.  Students are exposed to multiple communication theories across a host of contexts. Once students are equipped with an understanding of theoretical concepts, they then learn how these concepts are adapted and subsequently applied in varied situations throughout society. This approach is beneficial whether a student seeks to be more competitive in the job market or pursue further academic study.

Consistent with the mission of Louisiana College, Departmental faculty additionally emphasize the role of faith in communication.  As a principal objective, the Department seeks to bring glory to God.  To that end, students in the Communication Studies program are educated in the pragmatics of human communication in a way that highlights Christ as the Chief communicator.


Communication Studies program offerings provide students tremendous flexibility in terms of course selection. By reducing the number of core program classes required, students are able to select content from a group of elective courses that best meets their needs and future goals. The flexibility and power of choice that is afforded the student who either majors or minors in Communication Studies is invaluable.  The Department offers Communication Studies as both a major and minor.  Additionally, the Department offers a Speech Education minor for students interested in a career in secondary education.  For more information on specific curriculum requirements for major and minor programs click Curriculum Requirements.


In addition to formal curriculum requirements, the Department of Communication Studies is home to LC’s award-winning debate team.  Whether a student has formal debate experience or is a newcomer to the practice, LC Debate offers an excellent opportunity to continue honing communication skills prized by employers and organizations alike.  Utilizing a Christ-centered approach, LC Debate promotes a sense of community through the development of healthy competition and a clear commitment to professionalism. LC Debate welcomes all volunteers.  For those interested in learning more about LC Debate, click here.


For those seeking additional information about the Department of Communications Studies, its programs or curriculum, please contact Dr. Brannon Bannon, Communication Studies Curriculum Coordinator, at or call: (318) 487-7594. 

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