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Bill & Linda Robertson

An Investment in Eternity

Bill Robertson has many fond memories of LC. The lasting friendships he made, his professors who instilled in him a love for teaching God’s word and a burning passion for evangelism. “The philosophy of ministry I follow today was shaped during my days at Louisiana College,” explained Robertson.

After college Bill met and married Linda and they had two children - Trey and Jennifer. Over the years LC remained a constant in their lives. So much so, that at the age of 16, Jennifer decided she wanted to attend LC. Tragically, Jennifer was killed in an automobile crash just two days after she made that decision.

Robertson goes on to say, “After her death, LC officials came to me and discussed the possibility of creating a scholarship in her memory. That seemed like an incredible opportunity to keep Jennifer’s memory alive and also for us to give back and help another student attend Louisiana College and realize their dream.”

In October 1999 the Jennifer Robertson scholarship fund was created. To raise money for the scholarship, Bill and Linda established “Praise Fest” a time of singing and worship where choirs and musicians from across the state participate. A love offering is taken and all of the proceeds are given to the scholarship fund.

“We want to bless others through the memory of our daughter so someone will be able to attend my beloved alma mater and receive the education that I did,” said Robertson. “The scholarship is for anyone in ministry. It is a joy to our hearts to hear from those who receive the scholarship and to know that through Jennifer’s memory someone is being blessed. We view it as an investment in eternity.

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