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Ben McLaughlin

Ben McLaughlin is a former standout for the Louisiana College Wildcats and was recently honored during halftime of the LC football game against ETBU.  McLaughlin, now a coach for LC, received the Mehlberger Award while playing for the Wildcats.  This award recognizes outstanding athletic performance and is given to one NCAA Division III football player annually earning one of the highest honors bestowed across the nation.

“I like a challenge. I am very goal-oriented person so I like to see something and go and take care of it.”

The strength of his positive attitude is familiar to LC Football where players are represented on a  Unity Council, pray and train together, and gather in the Lord’s name on and off the field.  McLaughlin knows there is something different about the LC program where God reigns.

“It is a unique environment. We have a sign that says ‘God, family, school, football’ just in that order.  I think where LC stands out is holding the team accountable. It’s easy to hang a sign, but it is a different story if the players, coaches, and everyone is held accountable.  Not only do Coach Dunn and the rest of the staff say put God first, they LIVE it, and hold the players accountable to that.”

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