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Beginning with the Fall 2014 semester, Louisiana College is partnering with Northwestern State University Army ROTC in order to provide Louisiana College students with the golden opportunity to serve our country as commissioned United States Army officers.  This is a cooperative program that allows the student to continue their education at LC while they take one Army ROTC class and lab per semester at NSU, the host ROTC institution.

Start Strong in life - enroll in the Army ROTC program, the college elective that provides unrivalled leadership and management training and the resilience to help you overcome and succeed in any career field.  Army ROTC offers merit-based scholarships that can pay up to the full cost of your college tuition and fees and open educational opportunities you had not thought possible.  Best of all, when you complete Army ROTC and graduate from LC, you will become an Army Officer either on Active Duty or in the Reserve Component. You will earn a highly competitive salary and benefit package, and you will be a proud member of one of the most highly-regarded professions in America today. As the Highest-Tech Army in the world, the US Army needs you: the scholars, athletes and leaders!


When you complete the Army ROTC curriculum and graduate from college, you’ll receive additional training to prepare you for your initial assignment as a US Army lieutenant.  Regardless of your duties and your academic background, one key factor will set you apart from your peers in the private sector. As an Army officer, you will be given significant and demanding leadership and managerial responsibilities right from the start.

Louisiana College Students, you can START STRONG!  Are you a Freshman, Sophomore or Graduate student? Are you interested in learning more about scholarship opportunities and training that sets you above others in the civilian employment arena from the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)?

If you are interested and ready to take the first step in enhancing your college experience, contact the Recruiting Operations Officer, Mr. Raymond McDowell, by phone at 318-357-6501 or 318-663-1677 or by email at with your name, school, academic major, date of graduation and contact number.