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Alumni Association

The Louisiana College Alumni Association received its charter on May 27, 1958. All who attend or graduate from Louisiana College, together with all persons who shall hereafter attend or graduate are considered among the membership. Honorary members may be elected by the membership at their annual meeting, which is held in February each year. The purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote the welfare of Louisiana College and to encourage the interest of graduates and former students in the College and in each other.

The Alumni Director coordinates alumni activities, both on and off campus. Louisiana College Homecoming and the annual alumni phonathon are two events that current students are encouraged to participate in each year. Upon departure from their Alma Mater, graduates are urged to become an active member of the Louisiana College Alumni Association, and a local LC club.

Local Louisiana College Alumni Clubs exists in Central Louisiana, Lake Charles, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Monroe, Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas, Nashville, Tenn., and Mobile, Ala. Anyone interested in joining one of these clubs should contact the Alumni office at (318) 487-7301.


Kathy Hegwood Overturf
Director of Alumni Services
Telephone: (318) 487-7301

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