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The Division of Natural Sciences / Mathematics trains students in science, technology, and mathematics related to the natural realm, preparing them for a variety of careers, including the health care profession, scientific research, and education.

Department of Biology

The purpose of the department is to thoroughly train students in the basic areas of biology at the organismal, organ/system, tissue, cellular, and molecular levels. This training prepares our graduates for successful entry and achievement in graduate schools, professional schools of medicine, veterinary medicine, optometry and medical technology.

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Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

The Department of Mathematics offers degrees which combine standard principles of mathematics, both theoretical and applied, with progressive computational technology. Computers and graphing calculators are integrated into all levels of instruction.

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Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry offers degrees in Chemistry or Chemistry Education that are designed to help students competitively enter the job market as chemists or teachers or to continue their education in graduate and/or professional programs.

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Degrees & Programs