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Kristen Bonnette
B. A. Languages 2015

The languages program at Louisiana College has really helped in my knowledge of Spanish and French. Everything I know of the two languages I attribute to the professors who taught them to me. This is because they took a genuine interest in teaching Spanish and French to me and even in my wellbeing. Knowing another language in general also helps tremendously in career opportunities, and in being able to relate to people of different cultures. Sharing the gospel with these people becomes so much easier when you don't need an interpreter.



Haley Laird Warren
B.A. in English and Business Administration 2014

I attended Louisiana College from 2010-2014 and graduated in 2014.

I was a double major in English and Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Marketing.

The Division of Humanities and my degree in English has helped me gain skills for my professional career in an unconventional, yet very important way. I don’t write MLA style papers at work every day. However, I do use the communication skills, critical thinking skills, and relational skills that I learned from the Humanities Division every day. I am able to solve problems faster and empathize with the people I work with better because of my experience with the Louisiana College Humanities faculty and the way they taught me to relate to people and literature.

The professors in the Division of Humanities are not merely committed to helping students earn better grades. They are committed to the much more noble task of helping students become better people, grow closer to Christ, hone their practical skills, and succeed in life. Without these people making active efforts not only to teach inside the classroom, but also to pour love and wisdom into my life outside the classroom, I would not have been as successful in college. These people and their dedication to students, to Christ, and to higher education are what make the Louisiana College Humanities Division an extraordinary place to study.

After graduation, I worked in the Division of Humanities as an Administrative Assistant. I have since moved to a new position at Duke University as a Program Assistant. There I help to coordinate academic programs and promotional events for two different certificate programs on campus.  I enjoy getting to use the skills I learned in my undergrad to work in an academic setting. I also have plans to pursue a Master’s degree in English in the near future.

Megan Slater Prestridge
B.A. English and History 2014

My last semester as a double major was one of the most trying, but one of the most fulfilling semesters of my entire college career. Loaded down with a 21 hour course load, I pushed myself as far as I could go, but thankfully, being an English major, I wasn’t alone. The professors in the Humanities Department were with me through that wearisome season just as they had been from the fall of 2010.

One of my favorite quotes from my beloved mentor is as follows: “Literature is not created in a vacuum.” I will be honest, when I first heard this as a sophomore in my American Literature class, I did not have a real grasp on the meaning of that statement, but through those final years at L.C., and especially now since I have been exposed to the “real world,” I truly understand what she meant. Literature is not created by inserting variables into a formula. Literature is an enthralling, messy dance between humanity and grace; we try to lead, a foot gets stepped on, but grace gently guides us back into the rhythm of our destiny. Literature is life taken down from its lofty concepts and compacted into bite-size pieces we can handle.

Since my time in the Humanities Department, I have learned that life isn’t made in a vacuum either. We are all human beings, created by a great God out of love, and bathed in grace every single day. I learned this first through studying the thousands of characters in stories, the hundreds of themes and images in poetry, and the dozens upon dozens of theories and theorists in Literary Theory. If I had not learned this from the gifts I call professors in the Humanities Department, I know that I would not be as effective in my profession. I work as the department head for a company who cares for adults with developmental disabilities. Where many authors would write horrific stories with grotesque images to express the unfortunate hand dealt by life, I find beautiful, concrete images of God’s amazing love and grace. Because I am a product of the Humanities Division of Louisiana College, I can see past the fatal flaws and extend grace. Every day I am surrounded by people who, just like me, and just like literature, were not created in a vacuum, and that is what makes life so beautiful. I am, and will always be, a Louisiana College English major!

Paige Jordan
B.A. English 2014

I attended Louisiana College 2010-2014 and graduated in 2014 with a BA in English. Having previously been homeschooled, as an incoming freshman I was enthusiastic (but very nervous!) for my transition to a classroom environment. 

I had already taken EN101 my senior year of high school, but I decided to enroll in honors comp instead of EN102 in hopes that it would improve my writing skills and challenge the way I thought about literature. I could not have made a better decision! From that very first day in class, through the rest of my time studying English at LC, my professors taught me to think critically and deeply, not to be afraid to challenge assumptions, and to listen and empathize with other perspectives and life experiences. Being a humanities student at LC means becoming a proficient writer, a critical thinker, and a more compassionate person. 

My humanities professors were truly invested in my personal development as well as my academic success. Through their classes, as well as time spent with them outside the classroom, I learned to speak confidently and passionately. They made me realize that my voice mattered, that my opinions were valid. My humanities professors empowered me to pursue (and achieve!) goals I otherwise wouldn't have believed were within my reach.  

After graduation I moved to New York City to attend the Summer Publishing Institute at NYU. I almost chickened out and withdrew from the program, but our Division Chair let me cry in her office about it and then convinced me not to pass up the opportunity. Following the program, I received a job offer for a Marketing Coordinator position at Better Homes and Gardens magazine - thanks to a recommendation from that same professor! I've since been promoted within our company. I love working in such a fast-paced environment where I can apply the research, analysis, and writing skills I gained from LC Humanities classes.

I'm incredibly grateful for my time spent at Louisiana College, and for the humanities professors there who so radically impacted my life. 


Quinn Sarkies
B.A. French 2011

Hi, my name is Quinn Sarkies and I am Louisiana College alumnus, class of 2011. I majored in French with a minor in Biblical Studies. My experiences at LC were so valuable. The small, faith-based environment at Louisiana College fosters relationship- building and education in a way that larger schools simply can’t compete with. As a French major, I was able to build strong relationships with fellow French majors and other students, relationships that will last a lifetime. This small atmosphere benefited me in several ways, namely it pushed me to become a better student, and provided me with easy opportunities for help, both academic and personal, when I needed it. Our professor, Mme. Barnhart, is a professor like no other. She saw the potential in each of us and drove us to accomplish our goals. Her superior teaching methods became obvious to me when I was afforded the opportunity to study for a summer semester in Belgium at the University of Liege, along with two others in my class. We were each placed in the advanced French language course as undergrad students who had yet to complete our programs, along with French teachers and grad students. I will never forget the experiences I had in Belgium and I hope that many others are afforded that opportunity!

So you may ask where I am today. After graduating from Louisiana College, I joined the United States Air Force. I am currently an avionics technician stationed in Wichita, KS. While it may not seem like my degree is currently being utilized, the things I learned from majoring in French and studying at Louisiana College benefited me in more ways than I have time to list. My education developed a passion in me to work internationally. It taught me how to think outside the box when approaching difficult situations, a key leadership ability that’s a necessity in today’s workforce.  I also learned that I can accomplish just about anything through perseverance and a positive attitude. I’m sure that my degree will continue to benefit me in the future as new and exciting opportunities present themselves!