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Campus Directory

Title Telephone Email
Dr. Joe Aguillard
President Emeritus
(318) 487-7330
Ms. Janet Austin
Administrative Assistant for Communications & Marketing
Spiritual & Cultural Enrichment Program Coordinator
Matthew 20:28 Scholarship Coordinator
(318) 487-7195
Lyn Bankston
Head Softball Coach
(318) 487-7131
Dr. Brandon Bannon
Vice President for Student Life
Director, Voices of LC
(318) 487-7134
Mr. Jay Barber
Assistant Baseball/Softball Coach
(318) 487-7131
Mr. David Barnard
Director of Financial Aid
Website Coordinator
(318) 487-7205
Mr. Joseph Barnes
Director, Campus Dining Services
Aramark Higher Education Facilities
Ms. Cecile Barnhart
Assistant Professor of French
Coordinator of Academic Integrity
(318) 487-7224
Ms. Brandie Bass
Financial Aid Officer
(318) 487-7339
Dr. Marvin Beaty
Adjunct Instructor of MAT
(903) 842-3067
Ms. Diane Beaubouef
Adjunct Instructor of HPE
(318) 466-5535
Ms. Linda Billingsley
Bookstore Manager
(318) 487-7630
Ms. Terri Blaisdell
Accountant for Business Office
(318) 487-7694
Ms. Lisa Bradford
Assistant Professor of Nursing
(318) 487-7776
Dr. Rick Brewer
(318) 487-7400
Mr. Walter Briggs
Security Officer
(318) 487-7233
Ms. Melissa Brouillette
Accountant for Business Office
(318) 487-7693
Dr. Michael Brunet
Coordinator of Faculty Development & Grants
Director of Office of Sponsored Programs
Associate Professor of HPE
(318) 487-7519
Ms. Robin Bunting
Secretary for Division of Business and Division of History and Political Science
(318) 487-7700
Ms. Angie Bunting
Bursar/Accounts Reveivable
(318) 487-7452
Mr. Matthew Byrnes
Assistant Baseball Coach
Baseball Recruiting Coordinator
(318) 487-7322
Mr. Mike Byrnes
Head Coach, Baseball
(318) 487-7322
Ms. Carolyn J. Caples
User Services Assistant
Mr. Justin Caples
Computer Analyst
Dr. Philip Caples
Vice President of Integration of Faith & Learning
Assistant Professor, Preaching and Pastoral Ministry
(318) 487-7946
Dr. Karl Carpenter
Adjunct Instructor of Music
(318) 442-8990
Dr. John Carson
Adjunct Instructor of HPE
(318) 487-7350
Mr. Justin Charles
Assistant Football Coach/Head
Adjunct Instructor of HPE
(318) 487-7590
Ms. WangLing Chou
Coordinator, Department of Visual Art
Associate Professor of Art
(318) 487-7482
Ms. Mei-En Chou
Artist in Residence
Assistant Professor of Music
(318) 487-7521
Dr. Cheryl D. Clark
Holder, Olive Ann Rau Chair in English Chair
Division of Humanities Assistant Professor of English
Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs
(318) 487-7955
Ms. Barbara Cockerham
Assistant Professor of Music
(318) 487-7536
Mr. Daniel Collins
Help Desk Specialist
Office of Information Technology (IT)
(318) 487-7181
Ms. Ashley Collins
Administrative Assistant for Athletics
(318) 487-7695
Ms. Renee Craig
Receptionist for Office Administration
(318) 487-7612
Dr. Amy Craig
Assistant Professor, School of Education
Dr. Daniel Criswell
Professor of Biology
Holder, Hogan Professorship
(318) 487-7462
Ms. Susan Crooks
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
(318) 487-7461
Mr. David Culp
Holder of the Hubert and Madolene Reding Professorship in Business
Assistant Professor of Business
(318) 487-7561
Ms. Gina Daigrepont
Secretary for HPE
(318) 487-7350
Ms. Julie Dalme
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Dr. Joshu Dara
Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice
Ms. Lois Davis
Assistant Manager
(318) 487-7612
Mr. Shane Davis
Director of IT
(318) 487-7305
Ms. Eileen DeBoer
Dr. Paul DeBoer
Chair, Division of Fine Arts
Ms. Lisa Delrie
Assistant Aquatics Coordinator
Jennifer DePriest
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
(318) 487-7506
Ms. Angie Dobernig
Secretary for Admissions
Ms. Melinda Draper
Executive Assistant to Vice-President of Student Life
(318) 487-7134
Mr. Bradley Drell
Lecturer of Business
(318) 445-6471
Dr. Julie Driessen
Assistant Professor of French and English
(318) 487-7220
Dr. Amanda Dubois
Assistant Professor of Biology
(318) 487-7956
Sheri Duffy
Holder, Erroll Dawson Jr. Distinguished Professorship in Social Work
Social Work Program Director
Assistant Professor of Social Work
(318) 487-7164
Mr. Dennis Dunn
Head Football Coach
Athletic Director
(318) 487-7725
Ms. Cecilia "C.C." Edwards
Administrative Assistant for Health Services
Mr. James Edwards
Operations/Network Manager
Office of Information Technology
(318) 487-7348
Dr. David Elliott
Holder, George F. Kirby Professorship in Chemistry
Chair, Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
Coordinator, Department of Chemistry
Coordinator, Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
Associate Professor of Chemistry
NCAA Faculty Athletic Representative
(318) 487-7193
Mrs. Bonny Elliott
Coordinator of College Calendar
(318) 487-7105
Dr. Cathy Eschete
Director of Field Experiences, School of Education
Samantha Etherington
Head Women's Soccer Coach
(318) 487-7990
Dr. John Eubanks
Adjunct Instructor of Education
(318) 442-0085
Ms. Cynthia S. Firmin
Administrative Assistant, Division of Fine Arts
(318) 487-7336
Ms. Carolyn Fletcher
Administrative Assistant for Maintenance
(318) 487-7612
Ms. Leslie Fuselier
Adjunct Instructor of Music
(318) 442-2551
Dr. Mingchu Gao
Professor of Mathematics
(318) 487-7108
Mr. Chris Gaspard
Plant Operations Manager
Aramark Higher Education Facilities
(318) 487-7984
Dr. Jeannie Gauthier
Assistant Professor of English
(318) 487-7136
Ms. Shaina Goudeau
PTA Clinical Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Allied Health
(318) 487-7162
Ms. Lydia Granger
Adjunct Instructor of Teacher Education
(318) 442-8891
Andrea Gunter
Administrative Assistant for Institutional Advancement
(318) 487-7118
Mr. Randall Hargis
Vice President of Business Affairs/CFO
(318) 487-7129
Ms. Kimberly Harper
Assistant Professor of English
(318) 487-7165
Mr. Jon Hay
Head Athletic Trainer
Adjunct Instructor of HPE
(318) 487-7792
Dr. Gerald Heard
Sr. Professor of Philosophy & Religion
(318) 487-7243
Dr. Stewart Holloway
Adjunct Instructor of Christian Studies
(318) 487-7254
Mr. Don Hubbard
Assistant Professor of Nursing
(318) 487-7161
Ms. Tabitha Huffman
Assistant Professor of Theatre
(318) 487-7227
Ms. Paula Hunter
Assistant Athletic Director
Compliance and Academic Services
Ms. Beverly Ingram
Director of Business Office
(318) 487-7694
Ms. Karen Ivie
Assistant Professor of Nursing
(318) 487-7410
Ms. Sarita James
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Co-Chair ABSN Program
(318) 487-7107
Mr. Nathanial "Nate" Janzen
Assistant Football Coach
Dr. Neil Johnston
Associate Professor of English
(318) 487-7139
Dr. Fred Jones
Chair, Division of Human Behavior
Professor of Criminal Justice
Dr. Marvin Jones
Chair, Division of Christian Studies
Assistant Professor of Church History & Theology
(318) 487-7952
Dr. Gilbert (Buck) Jones
Professor of Political Science
BellSouth Professorship in Liberal Arts
(318) 487-7104
Ms. Carla Jowers
Bookstore Assistant
(318) 487-7630
Ms. Michele Kelly
Registration Assistant
(318) 487-7236
Mr. Tom Konvicka
Lecturer of Meteorology
(318) 445-2456
Ms. Haley Laird
Administrative Assistant for Division of Humanities
Mr. Loren Lampert
Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice
(318) 473-6650
Mr. Shannon Lane
Director of BCM
(318) 487-7498
Dr. Justin Langford
Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
(318) 487-7243
Dr. Dorothy Lary
Adjunct Professor of Nursing
Dr. Hans Leis
Professor of HPE
(318) 487-7603
Dr. Adena LeJeune
Assistant Professor of Business
(318) 487-7422
Ms. Elizabeth Lindsay
Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics
(318) 640-2930
Mr. Andrew Magee
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Program Coordinator
(318) 487-7778
Mr. Keith Manual Jr.
Security Officer
(318) 487-7233
Mr. W. Terry Martin
Director, Norton Library
Professor of Library Services
(318) 487-7110
Ms. Carol Martin
Adjunct Instructor of Business
Reni Mason
Head Coach, Men's Basketball
(318) 487-7503
Stacy Mayeaux, RN, MSN
Assistant Nursing Professor
Dr. Arthur Mazhambe
Chair, Division of Business
Associate Professor of Business
Holder, W. Ray Frye Professorship of Business
(318) 487-7650
Mr. Steven McAlister
Adjunct Instructor of Christian Studies
Mr. Justin McCain
International Student Advisor
Admissions Counselor
(318) 487-7326
Ms. JoLynn McConley
Director of PASS Program
Adjunct Instructor of Teacher Education
(318) 487-7629
Mr. Byron McGee
Director of Enrollment Management
(318) 487-7259
Ms. Cay McGee
Registration Assistant
(318) 487-7512
Ms. Kathleen McGinty-Johnston
Adjunct Instructor of English
(318) 487-7445
Ms. Pam McLin
Executive Assistant, Vice President for Academic Affairs
(318) 487-7602
Ms. Robin McQuillin
Accountant for Business Office
(318) 487-7616
Mr. Danny McVay
Director of Constituent Relations
Alumni Center
(318) 487-7119
Dr. Russell Meek
Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
Mr. Jordan Meisner
Sports Information Director
(318) 487-7987
Ms. Renee Melder
Assistant Director of Admissions
(318) 487-7340
Ms. Brenda Mennerick
Manager, Custodial Affairs
Ms. Cynthia Menton
Assistant Professor in Nursing
Nursing Skills Center Lab Director
(318) 487-7945
Ms. Leneil Mercer
College Counselor
Director Career Center
(318) 487-7420
Dr. Charlotte Merrill, DNP, APRN, FNP-C
Assistant Professor of Nursing
(318) 487-7204
Ms. Debra Migues
Associate Instructor of Nursing
(318) 487-7954
Mr. Norman Miller
Director of Communications & Marketing
Mr. Stuart Morgan
Assistant Baseball Coach
Pitching Coach
(318) 487-7322
Mr. Vance Morris
Director of Football Operations
(318) 487-7726
Ms. Liz Moser
Secretary for Division of Nursing
(318) 487-7983
Ms. Sheila Mundell
Catering Supervisor for Aramark
(318) 487-7676
Keri Murphy
Admissions Counselor
(318) 487-7260
Ms. Gayle Murrell
Circulation and Administrative Services Assistant
(318) 487-7109
Ms. Crystal Nelson
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Assistant Professor of HPE
(318) 487-7736
Ms. Susan Nixon
Office Manager, President's Office
(318) 487-7401
Ms. T.J. (Toni) Norris
Collection Development Assistant
Ms. Kathy Overturf
Director of Alumni Services
(318) 487-7301
Ms. Amanda Owen
Reference Services Coordinator
(318) 487-7120
Ms. Tennille Paden
Assistant Professor, Art/ Graphic Design
(318) 487-7435
Ms. Belinda Parsons
Payroll Specialist for Human Resources
(318) 487-7151
Anita Pasley Metoyer
Administrative Assistant, School of Education
Ms. Anita Pasley Metoyer
Administrative Assistant, School of Education
(318) 487-7179
Dr. Janet Passman
Program Director of Athletic Training
Professor of HPE
(318) 487-7290
Ms. Alana Pate
Administrative Assistant for Theatre
(318) 487-7495
Dr. Stanley Paul
Professor of Physics
(318) 487-7217
Dr. Sarah Payne
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
(318) 487-7607
Mr. Jonathan Perkins
Adjunct Instructor of Music
Ms. Terri Philpot
Secretary for Financial Aid
Dr. Scott Pickard
Assistant Professor of History
Ms. Vickie Pinion
Adminstrative Assistant for Aramark
(318) 487-7662
Dr. Roland Pippin
Adjunct Professor of Sociology
(318) 487-7163
Dr. Jerry Pounds
Professor of Psychology
(318) 487-7277
Dr. Bayne Pounds
Associate Professor of Psychology
(318) 487-7113
Ms. Lillian Purdy
Professor of English
Coordinator of Academic Advising & Retention
(318) 487-7517
Mr. Alan Quartemont
Coordinator, Department of Convergence Media
Instructor of Journalism
Assistant Professor of Journalism
(318) 487-7597
Ms. Sandy Rachal
Aquatics Coordinator
Ms. Christy Ratliff
PASS Program Assistant
(318) 487-7629
Dr. Mary Katherine "Kate" Rawls
Assistant Professor of Music
Mr. Jimmy Redfearin
Adjunct Instructor of HPE
(318) 487-1540
Christine Reese
Assistant Professor of History
(318) 487-7103
Mr. Dayne Reeves
Assistant Director of Residence Life
(318) 487-7154
Ms. Penny Reeves
Assistant Professor of PTA
Laboratory Manager
Jill Reid
Assistant Professor of English
(318) 487-7235
Brandon Renfro
Assistant Professor of Business
Mr. Mike Richard
Assistant Football Coach
(318) 487-7729
Dr. D. (Pete) Richardson
Coordinator for Department of Theatre
Director of Testify
Assistant Professor of Communication Arts
(318) 487-7495
Mr. Ted Rivera
Adjunct Instructor of Christian Studies
(318) 487-7254
Ms. Bobbye Roberts
Social Work Field Placement Coordinator
Assistant Professor of Social Work
(318) 487-7115
Ms. Gloria Rogers
Office Manager for Cafeteria/Aramark
(318) 487-7661
Mr. Tim Roper
Associate Professor of Art
Director of Graphic Services
Ms. Karen Sanchez
Secretary for PTA Program
(318) 487-7162
Ms. Janet Sanders
Health Services Nurse
(318) 487-7750
Ms. Pat Sandlin
Accompanist, Department of Music
Ms. Traci Scmidley-Thomas
Director of AAS Services
Ms. April Scott
Scholarship Coordinator for Financial Aid
Ms. Lori Scott
Executive Assistant, Vice President for Business Affairs/CFO
(318) 487-7129
Dr. Renee Shamblin
Chair, Division of Nursing
Program Director of BSN
Assistant Professor of Nursing
(318) 487-7331
Dr. Michael Shamblin
Associate Vice President for Student Life
Associate Professor of Teacher Education
(318) 487-7135
Dr. Leonard Shank
Assistant Professor of Biology
(318) 487-7191
Dr. Kimberly Sharp
Holder, Coughlin-Saunders Professorship of Nursing
Dean, School of Nursing & Allied Health
Chair, Nursing Division
Professor of Nursing
(318) 487-7147
Dr. David Sharp
Professor of Nursing
(318) 487-7489
Mr. Andrew Shelton
Assistant Baseball Coach
(318) 487-7322
Mr. Justin Shilling
Grounds Manager
(318) 487-7746
Dr. Don Shipley Sr.
Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness
(318) 487-7017
Autumn Shirah
Assistant Director of Graphic Services
(318) 487-7442
Mr. Denver Shoup
Adjunct Instructor of Music
(318) 767-0512
Dr. David Simmons
Professor of Mathematics
Holder, Carolyn Adams Dawson Professorship in Mathematics
(318) 487-7361
Ms. Wanda Simpson
Accounts Payable Specialist
(318) 487-7148
Dr. Marion Skiles
Associate Professor, School of Education
(318) 487-7501
Ms. Pam Skluzacek
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
(318) 487-7719
Ms. Elizabeth Smith
Accompanist, Department of Music
Ms. Sue Smith
Health Services Director
(318) 487-7750
Ms. Denise Smith
Coordinator of Postal Services
(318) 487-7370
Dr. Argile Smith
(318) 487-7401
Mr. Stanley Smith
Assistant Football Coach
(318) 487-7728
Dr. Camacia Smith-Ross, Ed.D
Dean, Teacher Education
Director, Master Arts in Teaching (MAT) & Alternative Certification
(318) 487-7302
Dr. Carolyn Spears
Holder, Claude Kent Kirkpatrick Professorship in Health & Physical Education
Chair, School of Education
Coordinator, Department of HPE
Senior Professor of HPE
(318) 487-7396
Ms. Patrence Spivey
Head Coach, Women's Basketball
Dr. Amy Stallings
PTA Program Director
Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy
(318) 487-7162
Ms. Carole Steele
Adjunct Instructor of Art
(570) 498-7347
Mr. Robin Stewart
Adjunct Instructor of HPE
Lifeguard Certification
(318) 308-5251
Ms. Stacy Sullivan Mayeaux
Assistant Professor of Nursing
(318) 487-7985
Mr. Bert Tassin
General Manager (LAC)
Ms. Shannon Tassin
Director of Human Resources
(318) 487-7051
Ms. K.B. Thomas
Director of Student Activities
(318) 487-7389
Ms. Gladys (Lolly) Thomason
Clinical Instructor
(318) 487-7127
Dr. Matthew Thornton
Chair, Division of Media and Communications
Assistant Professor of Convergence Media
(318) 487-7101
Dr. William Todd
Adjunct Instructor of HPE
(318) 487-7706
Tanya Townsend
Bookstore Shipping/Receiving Clerk
Ms. Tanya Townsend
Bookstore Shipping/Recieving
Mr. Jeremy Treme
Assistant Registrar
Mr. Myron Turner
Director of Bands
Assistant Professor of Music
(318) 487-7328
Mr. Christopher Turner
Adjunct Instructor of Music
Ms. Cheryl Van Hoof
Adjunct Instructor of HPE
(318) 469-3776
Ms. Cindy Vanlangendonck
Nursing Practice Technical Support Specialist
(318) 487-7127
Mr. Johnny Walker
Adjunct Instructor of Music
(318) 442-8990
Ms. Gabrielle Walker
Assistant Professor of History
(318) 487-7106
Ms. Sarah Walker
Adjunct Instructor of Music
Mr. Brian Wallace
Assistant Football Coach
(318) 487-7724
Dr. Wade Warren
Holder, C.J. Cavanaugh Chair in Biology
Coordinator of CC 100 and LMS
Coordinator, Department of Biology
Professor of Biology
(318) 487-7611
Dr. Christy Warren
Associate Professor, School of Education
(318) 487-7097
Mrs. Karen Watkins
Executive Assistant to the President
(318) 487-7401
Mr. Cameron Weatherford
Adjunct Instructor of Music
(318) 448-8622
Ms. Allison Weaver
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Faith and Learning
Secretary to Christian Studies
(318) 487-7254
Ms. Kristin Webster
Adjunct Instructor of Psycholog
Mr. Kenneth West
Administrative Assistant for Football
Tudor Hall Resident Assistant
(318) 487-7728
Dr. Glen Whatley
Adjunct Instructor of Christian Studies
Dr. Tylitha Whatley
Professor of Christian Studies
(318) 487-7246
Ms. Nancy Whitlock
Assistant Professor of Spanish
(318) 487-7266
Ms. Mary Wilkinson
Adjunct Instructor of Music
(318) 442-9515
Ms. Sonya Williams
Executive Assistant, School of Education
(318) 487-7302
Dr. Collin Wimberly
Dean of Chapel
Assistant Professor Caskey School of Divinity
(318) 487-7989
Mr. Cottrell Wrenn Jr.
Adjunct Instructor of Music
(318) 445-5043
Ms. Linde Wyser
Financial Aid Officer
(318) 487-7943
Dr. Ben Yang
Professor of Music
(318) 487-7316
Ms. Victoria Young
Assistant Professor in Nursing
Mr. Jeff Young
Director of Technical Production
Assistant Professor of Broadcast Media Production
(318) 487-7321

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