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Contact Information

  • Address: School of Education Alexandria Hall, Room 340
    PINEVILLE LA 71359
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: 318.487.7501
  • Fax: 318.487.7188


  • Ed.D., Early and Middle Childhood Education, NOVA Southeastern University
  • MEd + 30hrs., Early Childhood Education, McNeese State University
  • MRE, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
  • MEd, Early Childhood Education, McNeese State University
  • BA, Early Childhood Education, McNeese State University
  • Reading Recovery Teacher, Certification, Texas Women’s University
  • Non-Categorical Preschool Handicap Teacher, Certification, McNeese State University

Academic Programs

  • BA Elementary Education

Associate Professor, School of Education


Dr. Skiles has taught in the public school system for 25 years and worked in churches for over 25 years which has impacted her life in the love of teaching and training students. She has worked in higher education as an adjunct professor for seven years and been a full-time college instructor for 12 years.  She has just gained her position as a professor at Louisiana College after being on the faculty for 10 years. Her time away from Louisiana College is spent at home with family and friends.  Reading is a great pastime. Church is very important. Teaching has enabled her to work in a field that focuses on both the love of people and teaching. Being a Christian and knowing Christ is the ultimate and most important experience of her life.

Courses Taught

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ED 198         Exceptional Child

ED 196         Adolescent Psychology

ED 195         Child Psychology

ED 295         Educational Psychology

ED 410         Early Childhood Practicum        

ED 415         Kindergarten Student Teaching

ED 301         The Young Child Methods

ED 306         Methods and Materials Kindergarten Early Childhood

ED 307         The Young Child Methods

ED 385         Instructional Strategies

ED 375         Behavioral & Classroom Management

ED 318         Elementary Methods for Social Studies

ED 324         Elementary Methods for Science

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ED 570         The Professional Teacher: Planning, Management, Instruction, and Assessment.

ED 571         Seminar in Teaching Success: Elementary

ED 572         Seminar: Instructional Pedagogy, Specialized Skills and Practices.

ED 574          Methods of Teaching Reading/ELA in an Integrated Curriculum.       

ED 575          Practicum for Teaching Reading/ELA in an Integrated Curriculum

ED 600          Educational Research

ED 503          Reading Methods



Skiles, Marion L. Ed.D, Training a Non-Categorical Preschool
Teacher while teaching in the Classroom, NOVA    
                         Southeastern University, Practicum, Fort Lauderdale, FL., 1992.

Skiles, Marion L. Ed.D.How Essential is Parental Involvement in a
                        Young Child’s Education, NOVA Southeastern University
                         Practicum, Fort Lauderdale, Florida..

Skiles, Marion L. Ed.D. Mission Guide for the Louisiana Baptist
. Preschoolers.

Skiles, Marion L. Ed.D. Mission Guide for the Louisiana Baptist
  Preschoolers and Children,


Brown, Hilda R., and Skiles, Marion L. Interactive Teaching    

Skiles, Marion L. Ed.D, Preschoolers at Church, Lifeway Publications.  
                          Wrote, church training, material for Preschoolers at Church.


             Brown, Hilda R., and Skiles, Marion L. Interactive Teaching     


  • Parent Conference, First Baptist Church Lafayette.
  • The presentation was co-presented by Hilda Brown (ABD)
        Professor of Nursing and Marion L. Skiles (Ed. D) Instructor of
        Education, Hawaii International Conference on Education,
        Honolulu, Hawaii, January. 
      Title: Interactive Teaching Strategies
  • State Early Childhood Conference, New Orleans and Shreveport, How
                            to handle a Child that has ADHD and ADD.

Research Interest

  • Developmentally Appropriate Practices
  • How Young Children Learn
  • Appropriate Early Childhood Curriculum