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The English Department contributes to the Louisiana College mission through its teaching faith-based critical thinking, reading, writing and research.  Thus, the Department’s mission is to train students to become skillful and insightful readers, writers, and interpreters of both literary texts and the culture in which they live.  These skills are essential aspects of training students to be morally responsible leaders and citizens who think critically, act wisely, and work skillfully to promote the common good.  The reading skills we teach enable the students to acquire factual information, to develop more sophisticated habits of inquiry, and to imagine more empathetically lives and cultures quite different from their own.  The thinking, writing, and researching skills we teach help students clearly articulate their ideas, questions, and beliefs, helping them to recognize and respond to different rhetorical contexts.  By enhancing these skills, students acquire tools that deepen their understanding of the essential role that language has in thought, values, and self-development, engage the world as responsible participants, and contribute to the strengthening of faithful and virtuous living regardless of the professional field they pursue.

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