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Program Goals

The athletic training major in the Department of Health and Physical Education at Louisiana College will prepare professionals to work in the areas of injury prevention, acute care, evaluation, follow-up care, rehabilitation, and reintegration to activity for physically active individuals. This program will facilitate the educational needs of students in Louisiana and the southern region of the United States and integrate current concepts, theories, and techniques in sports medicine. The athletic training major will strive to prepare entry level professionals who are well equipped to deal with the challenges of health care in our rapidly changing world. The faculty and administration are committed to making the athletic training major at Louisiana College a recognized leader in health care education.

Mission Statement

The athletic training major is designed to foster and nurture the educational needs of interested students in the area of sports health care for the physically active. The program of study offered within this major encompasses clinical integrated competencies related to a systematic approach that provides building blocks to employ evidence based practice. Within the structure of the program, students are guided through a series of general education courses designed to heighten their awareness in the arts and sciences. The cognitive development is focused on building a strong foundation grounded in the liberal arts and characterized by the devotion to the Christian faith. In addition, the athletic training program, with its small classes, individual instruction, empathetic advising and personal attention, strives to provide the student with a quality experience.


The Athletic Training Program at Louisiana College has received initial accreditation under the guidelines and recommendations of the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training (CAATE).