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A Student's View of Teacher Education at LC

"The LC Teacher Education Program is committed to producing the best possible teacher," says Ashley Mann, a senior from Dry Prong, La.

"We experience diverse classroom situations and practice teaching and planning instruction. I feel prepared to teach because of the many hours of experience in schools. I am focused on meeting the needs of my students."

"By the time I graduate, I will have had multiple semesters of actual teaching. That is what makes Louisiana College so unique. Coursework is complimented with observations and teaching in classroom situations. Teaching actual lessons gives me the opportunity to apply what I learn in my courses."

"The faculty at Louisiana College are unique as well. They are always available and guide us in the process to becoming exceptional teachers. They are supportive and dedicated to helping us along the way."

"When I start teaching I will have had two years of experience in the classroom. Every semester I become more comfortable with teaching and managing the classroom. At LC, we practice using the Louisiana Components of Effective Teaching and become aware of how to incorporate them into our lessons. The focus is on application of the knowledge learned in class. My Louisiana College education helps me to become a skilled teacher."

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